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Grave Repercussions against Palestinian Detainees behind ‘Israeli’ Bars: Incursion, Repression, and Burning Cells

Grave Repercussions against Palestinian Detainees behind ‘Israeli’ Bars: Incursion, Repression, and Burning Cells
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By Staff

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club said that what is taking place inside ‘Israeli’ prisons is a real war being waged by the administration of the occupation prisons on defenseless detainees. The information received successively prove that there will be an open confrontation as long as the prisons’ administration is escalating the situation.

Heavily armed repression units and special units of the occupation army started large-scale incursion and repression operations in multiple prisons, most notably in al-Naqab and Rimon prisons.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club said that the detainees had started confronting the prisons administration and its forces with different approaches, most notably when a group of them set numerous cells on fire in section “6” in al-Naqab Prison. According to the latest information, the prison’s administration has started transferring all the section-six detainees to a yet unknown destination, and continued to break-in to other sections.

Detainees of all organizations announced their refusal to the threats they are being exposed to, especially concerning the attempt of the prison’s administration to transfer and distribute the detainees of the Islamic Jihad Palestinian resistance movement, trying to knock down the organizational structures in the prisons, which is considered by the detainees as the most dangerous step.

A major incursion was carried out by the repression units in the Rimon Prison, during which special occupation units were called in along with the special units that usually practice repression and incursion inside prisons.

The Gilboa Prison administration, which has been facing the most violent confrontation in the past two days, suppressed the detainees in section “3” and transferred them. That occurred after the detainee Malek Hamed poured hot water on a warden in response to the prison’s administration measures of transferring the prisoners to Shatta Prison, following another measurement of transferring the detainees of section “2” in Gilboa Prison to numerous prisons.

Confrontation and high tension are also taking place in Ofer Prison after threats of evacuating four cells in section 22 where detainees of the Islamic Jihad are, and distributing them on the other cells in the prison. Additionally, the Ofer Prison’s administration isolated 34 detainees in section 18 after they had been transferred from Gilboa.

It’s worth mentioning that after six detainees managed to break out of Gilboa, the prison’s administration imposed a series of measures, presented by carrying out repression, transference, and inspection operations especially in Gilboa Prison, along with closing all the detainees’ sections in prisons, reducing the time spent in the courtyard, closing the facilities such as the sink, and depriving the detainees from the Canteen [a store where they buy what they need]. It also threatened that further measures will be taken.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club urged the international community to intervene quickly in order to put an end to the dangerous attack on the detainees. It also stressed that escalating the situation would lead to more dangerous consequences, and again held the occupation fully accountable for the detainees’ lives and destiny.