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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the 15th Anniversary of July 2006 Victory

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the 15th Anniversary of July 2006 Victory
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Translated by Staff

The Speech of Hezbollah’s Secretary-General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the 15th anniversary of the great victory in the July 2006 war.


I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace, mercy, and Allah’s blessings be upon you all.

God Almighty said in his glorious book: 

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful.

{There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often. (21) And when the believers saw the companies, they said, "This is what Allah and His Messenger had promised us, and Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth." And it increased them only in faith and acceptance. (22) Among the believers are men true to what they promised Allah. Among them is he who has fulfilled his vow [to the death], and among them is he who awaits [his chance]. And they did not alter [the terms of their commitment] by any alteration - (23) That Allah may reward the truthful for their truth and punish the hypocrites if He wills or accept their repentance. Indeed, Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful. (24) And Allah repelled those who disbelieved, in their rage, not having obtained any good. And sufficient was Allah for the believers in battle, and ever is Allah Powerful and Exalted in Might. (25)}

God Almighty has spoken the truth

This is what happened in the Trench incident during the time of the Messenger of Allah, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family. This is what happened in more than one incident in history. This is what happened with us in 2006 in the July war when the world mobilized, and this is also what happened months ago in Palestine in the Al-Quds Sword Battle. Always, when there are believers who are faithful to the promise and determined to fight, the promise of God Almighty and His Messenger to them is a constant promise of victory.

Brothers and sisters, it’s customary for me to speak to you on the August 14, the anniversary of the July war and the day of victory, when the war ended and people returned to the south, the Bekaa, the suburbs in convoys with their heads held high. But considering that Monday night is the start of Ashura, the days of Muharram and the Husseini mourning gatherings, I prefer to speak a day or two before that, which is why I am at your service today.

In my speech today, I’ll talk about the great, historic, and divine victory 15 years on from the July war, the 33-day war. From there, I’ll move to what happened yesterday and the day before yesterday in Lebanon along the southern front. We also have another important, and painful occasion, which is the first anniversary of the port explosion or bombing that took place at the Beirut Port and led to the martyrdom of hundreds, the wounding of thousands, and extensive damage. We will also talk about the serious incident that took place in the Khaldeh area a few days ago. Then, I’ll talk briefly about the general situation in the country in relation to the government and daily life. At the end of the speech, I will comment on the commemoration of Ashura in Lebanon. 

It is my moral duty to offer my condolences to the families of the honorable martyrs and mention them in chronological order – since some time passed between my latest address and today’s: Martyr Sayyed Imad Al-Amin who was martyred while performing his jihad duty a few days ago, martyr brother Ali Shibli, martyr and doctor brother Ali Ayoub, martyr brother Ali Houri, and martyr brother Houssam Al-Aleq who were martyred treacherously and unjustly during the events in Jiyeh and Khaldeh a few days ago.

Also in the past few days, we in the axis of resistance lost a great leader, a dear resistance fighter, and a historic fighter in the arenas and battlefields against the occupation, the “Israeli” enemy, and the American project, dear brother and leader, Mr. Abu Jihad Ahmed Jibril. Certainly today, these squares miss him. Once again, I extend my deepest condolences to his comrades, brothers, family, sons, and all his friends, especially in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – the General Command. I ask God Almighty to have mercy on him, and we are fully confident that his brothers, companions, and sons will continue his path and renew his great and important presence in this battle, especially in its crucial stage, God willing. I also turn to the families of martyrs who lost their fathers and mothers. There are brothers we lost in the past weeks, some of them belong to the founding generation of our march since 1982. We lost them due to diseases,  the coronavirus, old age. I ask God Almighty o grant all of them mercy, and I extend my deepest condolences to their honorable and generous families.

On today’s memorial, due to the importance and multiplicity of the topics, I would like to skip the emotional and sentimental introductions and just thank, first and foremost, God Almighty for his support and victory and secondly the entire leadership that led, fought, and were martyred in the battlefield. 

In the political arena, all my thanks and appreciation to those who supported, backed, embraced, accompanied, rejoiced, and triumphed in Lebanon and outside Lebanon. I also do not want to repeat and go over the conditions of the war in the past years. In every commemoration, we talk about the conditions of the war, its course, some events, and its achievements, victories, and results on the enemy and on our friends. I will not go back or repeat to make use of time.

Regarding the anniversary of the July war and after 15 years, I want to directly talk about the challenges, current events, and achievements. The most important responsibility today rests on everyone’s shoulders, which is the responsibility to preserve the achievements, victories, and results of this war, the July war. These achievements, victories, and equations did not come through wishful thinking, through dialogue tables, or at a low price. Therefore, these achievements and results must be vigorously preserved. Today, the martyrs – leaders, men, women, children, and everyone in all areas – entrusted us with the preservation of what these martyrs, these steadfast people, and these resistance fighters accomplished in the 33-day July war as well as the development of these achievements, these positives, and these victories. I said that I would not talk again about the great achievements, victories, and very important results that were recorded after the war in terms of culture, awareness, field equations along the frontiers with both enemies and friends. In any case, all these achievements were preserved during all these years and were strengthened and confirmed more and more. They entered a new stage through the heroic and historical confrontation that the Palestinian resistance fought in the Al-Quds Sword Battle a few weeks ago.

The most important achievement – I want to focus a little on the Lebanese issue and the Lebanese front with “Israel”, with the enemy, and as we talked about the regional issue, Al-Quds, and the Al-Quds Sword in previous speeches.

With regard to Lebanon, the most important achievement that was accomplished in the July war was to find a balance of deterrence, disciplines, and rules of engagement that guarantee and protect Lebanon and deter the enemy. This is the most important achievement. This is a historic achievement, a strategic achievement. When security is achieved for the people, everything follows security, i.e., a country in which there is no security lacks the factors of reassurance, tranquility, knowledge, study, investment, economy, all of that is absent. Hence, this is the strategic and historic achievement that the resistance achieved for Lebanon in the July war – security and safety during 15 years, with the exception of some minor violations that the state and state institutions, especially the Lebanese army and the UNIFIL, are responsible for following up on a daily basis. We did not interfere in this matter, but we followed up and punished. Lebanon that has been for decades a theater for the “Israeli” air force to launch air strikes wherever it wants in the south, the Bekaa, the north, Mount Lebanon, the heart of the capital Beirut. We all remember decades before 1982 and after 1982, it hit buildings, institutions, targets, and infrastructure undeterred at all.

I do not want to speak about the years between 2000 and 2006, but rather after 2006. For 15 years, no “Israeli” raid on Lebanon or a target in Lebanon occurred on Lebanese territory, except for an ambiguous incident. They worked on an unknown border area, whether it was the borders of Lebanon or Syria, as there are different circumstances between Lebanon and Syria now. This incident took place on February 24, 2014. Apart from this incident, which did not lead to human losses and was quickly responded to in the Shebaa Farms, we have had security and safety in Lebanon for 15 years. There has not been any attacks by the “Israeli” air force, no “Israeli” commandos, and no significant “Israeli” aggression in a direct sense – even when they sent those small drones in the dead of night two years ago and didn’t take responsibility. Yes, there are limited violations sometimes at the borders. I will talk about this soon and give you figures about how confronting air violations evolved. But with regard to the “Israeli” raids, the “Israeli” Air Force raids on Lebanon, the country has been blessed with 15 years of security, safety, calm, and tranquility, and this is unprecedented since 1948.

The main, logical, objective, calm question for all residents of Lebanon and for the dear Lebanese people is, why have there not been “Israeli” raids over a period of 15 years? Is it because “Israel” is committed to international security and the international resolutions and is afraid of the UN Security Council, the Arab League, the GCC, or public opinion, or is it their morals and faith? Absolutely not! Children know the answer! It was simply the enemy's fear reactions and falling into a large and wide confrontation with the resistance in Lebanon that prevented and prevents the “Israelis” from launching raids on Lebanon during the 15 years. Regardless of whether this battle will turn into a regional battle or not, let us leave it aside, the battle with Lebanon alone is enough. Its greatest concern is the confrontation with Lebanon and the battle with Lebanon. It is bigger than launching raids here or there.

We have been for 15 years on a daily basis, although in recent years, the Lebanese did not have the time to listen to the “Israelis”, perhaps this was a good thing. For 15 years, political officials, current or retired military generals, media professionals, journalists, or party members in the “Israeli” entity issued daily threats against Lebanon – we will destroy you, we will take you back to the stone age, we will do etc., and for 15 years, they did nothing! Why didn't they do anything? The question is, is it because of their morals, the international resolutions, the international community, the UNSC, or fear of the consequences of going to war and the repercussions of this war?

What prevented this arrogant and savage enemy that commits massacres, has no moral, human, international, legal deterrent, and is protected by the Great Satan and the forces of arrogance in the world and unfortunately some ominous normalizing Arab countries? It is its fear of the repercussions of the war, the reactions of rolling into a war, a war that could lead to results. It knows these repercussions on its internal front, infrastructure, and army that proved its failure and weakness in the July war. The current prime minister was an officer in the reservist unit during the July war. he was in anti-armor force and witnessed with his own eyes the failure of the military establishment.

In any case, this army, which will be destroyed and will collapse in any confrontation – allow me to say – is afraid for its existence today more than ever. This is because of what is happening in Palestine and the region as well as the regional transformations and the rise in the strength of the axis of resistance on the one hand. On the other hand, it is also afraid due to the deep and unprecedented internal divisions and conflicts and the intense hatred among the “Israeli” Zionist groups occupying Palestine. Everyone in the entity is talking about existential concern, from the entity’s president to the prime minister, generals, writers, and research institutes. In any case, their fear of the consequences of confrontation is what is preventing them from attacking.

Hence, this is the balance of deterrence created by the July war, and this is what protects Lebanon. I ask all the Lebanese to think, to go back to your conscience, awareness, and responsibility – regardless of the enmities, rivalries, grudges, partisanship, and sectarian calculations – when you want to answer this question: Who is deterring and preventing this savage enemy from attacking Lebanon? Who has prevented it in the past 15 years? Give yourselves and your people a fair answer. The answer is clear no one has another answer or a second logic. 

We offer people something tangible. We are not giving them claims, slogans, resonant speeches, dreams, or aspirations. Therefore, before 2006 and after it, but certainly after 2006, the central issue of the “Israeli” enemy was the resistance’s weapons and the development of the resistance in Lebanon. There is the least expected and the most expected. At most, it aspires that the day will come when the resistance will be disarmed, and Lebanon will be without the resistance and its weapon. Following its military inability and the failure of the military and security means, it is trying to put international, American, Western, and Arab pressure on the various political, psychological, economic, financial, and living situation to force Lebanon to become without a protecting force, without weapons, and without the ability to confront. Then, it [“Israel”] will go back to violating Lebanon as it used to do before 2000 and 2006. This is at most. And of course, unfortunately, some groups in Lebanon are helping it achieve this goal, whether they know it or not, because they want Lebanon to return to being weak because its strength is in its weakness.

At the very least, “Israel” wants to prevent the resistance’s ability from growing. Of course, “Israel” failed in achieving what it aspires for the most. It even failed in achieving what it aspires for at the very least because since 2006 until this day, the resistance in Lebanon has increased in numbers, experience, efficiency, in levels of training, its capabilities and armament, its missile capabilities, its qualitative capabilities, all the way to its possession of large numbers of precision missiles that the enemy and Defense Minister Gantz considers to be an existential threat – weeks ago, he had a speech and frankly said the trajectory of precision missiles is turning into an existential threat. Why? I tell you they always talk about worrying about their existence and existential threat.

They also failed in this matter. Some of the air strikes in Syria are launched to support the armed groups, some to target the forces and capabilities facing the armed takfiri groups and others to target the capabilities that reach the resistance. All these raids did not achieve anything at all except martyrs and human and material losses sometimes. But with regard to the objective, they could not defeat the Syrian forces and the allied forces confronting the armed groups. They were unable to prevent the growth of Hezbollah's power and strength and its acquisition of qualitative and advanced capabilities. At the same time, they are trying to make this balance of deterrence on the battlefield crumble and erode, and this is what happened in the past two days.

Slowly, slowly, one incident after another. They return and restore the previous conditions, launch an air raid here and an air raid there. People remain silent, so they continue launching air strikes. They start bombing open areas believing that they do not provoke sensitivity. Then, they launch raids on inhabited targets, inhabited with capabilities or inhabited by people or on Lebanese infrastructure. Then, they send commandos to the Lebanese territory at night or during the day.

Therefore, what happened a few days ago is very dangerous, and a very dangerous development, which has not happened in 15 years. Let us say what happened and what it is all about? On Thursday night, the “Israelis” claimed, of course, that unidentified rockets were fired at Kiryat Shmona. One or two landed in open areas. So, the “Israelis” fired artillery, not only at the launch site, but also at other places. We left the matter to the army and UNIFIL to address the situation, and they made calls. But in the middle of the night, two air raids were launched on the Al-Jarmaq area and an air raid on the Al-Shawaker area near Al-Rashidiya camp. Of course, there are people in Lebanon who did not feel – some people who consider themselves senior officials and leaders and live in their palaces and ivory towers –did not feel, but the villages and towns surrounding the place of targeting felt. The “Israelis” deliberately launched airstrikes in the middle of the night to intimidate people. People were horrified. This is normal. People, including children, were sleeping in their homes at midnight. Then, they issued a statement saying that they launched raids on open areas. In our statement, we used the same expression they used. The “Israelis” thought that what happened was a passing incident since there are currently political divisions in Lebanon, the government situation, and an economic crisis – diesel, fuel, medicine, foodstuffs, subsidies, lifting subsidies, and calamities. Certainly, no one has the time to think about the equations or the balances of deterrence. The strikes will pass, and “Israel” will be absolved of the equations imposed by Lebanon and the resistance by the force of blood, sacrifices, and steadfastness 15 years ago.

Here, it was necessary to make a decision and to work on getting the appropriate and harmonious response. I would like to explain the idea so that the enemy understands it. No problem. I would like to explain it to our friends and people. When hostile acts happen that need to be responded to, we classify them into two types:

There is a type where the time factor is good but not essential. The time factor is not essential, so when the response is delayed a week or two, a month or two, more or less, there is no problem. For example, when our brother Ali Mohsen was martyred in Syria, we said we have an equation that we would like to actually establish. We were clear and public, and the “Israeli” on that day stood on a leg and a half. For more than a month or two, it stood on a foot and a half. And I frankly tell you that our young men were active throughout the region – in the [Shebaa] Farms and along the borders. We did not have any constraint restricting us to work in the [Shebaa] Farms, Naqoura, or Jabal al-Sheikh. Specific resistance groups were tasked with carrying out retribution against this enemy that killed our brother in Damascus. However, we wanted an operation that would guarantee results. This was not possible because of the enemy’s measures and them pulling many kilometers inland. We did not want to launch a missile at an empty vehicle or fire and have no result. We wanted a guaranteed operation, and the objective was to kill an “Israeli” soldier for killing our brother. I am speaking clearly.

However, a month, a month and a half, two months passed by, and there was no target. The decision was made, the men were on the ground, but there was no target. If you remember, at the time they used to put dummies in military vehicles to deceive us into firing. They wanted us to think it was a soldier and to believe that we killed one of their own while it was just a mannequin. 

Did this happen or not? Later, we left the issue for another time. Similarly with the case of brother Muhammad Tahan who was martyred while the Al-Quds Sword Battle was taking place. Here, time is not essential. However, in another kind of aggression, time is of the essence. If the response came later, it would lose its value and effect. The response would have no value. Take the “Israeli” airstrike on southern Lebanon last Thursday. If the response was delayed for another time, the response that would have come would have been worthless. The value of the response is in it being quick. This is first. That is why we decided to respond swiftly, even if someone asked about the difference between retribution and revenge for our martyrs and the manner in dealing with the two air raids.

Because you know, there are many political philosophers who link the response directly to the region and the international community, to the battle of the seas, to Vienna, and the nuclear negotiations. I have always told you that Iran and the Islamic Republic possess strength, courage, durability, and transparency that it does not need an ally or a friend to defend itself or confront its enemies, and it does so publicly, declares it, and bears responsibility.

Our response yesterday is related to the direct “Israeli” raids that took place in southern Lebanon for the first time in 15 years. We responded to it with a clear performance and goal. We studied the situation well. Our enemy and friends say it was a well-thought of response. Basically, we sit, think, discuss, and make a decision. We do not overreact, and not one individual makes the decision. We study our affairs well. The “Israelis” said an open area. They know what they are doing. Hence, we must respond in an open area. They did not target our civilians nor military targets. They only struck an open area. So, let's target an open area.

We have two options. We can target an open area in the occupied Shebaa Farms, or we can target an open area – I am talking with transparency for the future so that the enemy knows – in the north of occupied Palestine. There is an open area in the occupied Golan. Of course, we will strike from Lebanon and not from Syria.

 Yesterday, we chose an open area in the Shebaa Farms to send a message. This would be the first level of our response. Later, we can ascend to the second level and a higher level – the third level – which I’ll talk about later.

 We chose open areas in the Shebaa Farms, and we did not hit the military sites, but rather the vicinity of the military sites. We chose the Farms because they are a military area where there are no civilians or farmers. However, there are other places where there are open areas, but it is possible that there are farmers there.

We carefully calculated everything and decided to carry out the operation during the day. It is not by chance that it was during the day, and we did not bomb at night because we did not want to cause terror or fear among people, families, or women and children.

We deliberately did this during the day and risked the lives of our brothers for the sake of people and for people do not feel fear or terror or for people to wake up at night and go out on the streets. To this extent, we are concerned about people and their feelings, even if our resistance brothers were put at risk. We fired missiles at the targeted areas in broad daylight, and we issued a statement and officially claimed responsibility because we have the courage to be responsible for our actions.

Our statement, like our missile attack, both support the message that the enemy has to understand. This was not a hidden response or a secretive one. It was a public response during the day sending a clear message – you hit an open area, so we hit an open area. We don't have an air force like you, we have missiles, we hit with missiles.

The objective of yesterday’s operation was to establish the rules of engagement and the existing equations. We do not want to invent a new equation. The “Israeli” media, yesterday and today, are reporting that Hezbollah wants to impose a new equation. No, we are fixing the old equations that the enemy wanted to break, bypass, and bring down in order to protect our country, only for the sake of protecting our country.

Yesterday, we actually wanted by attacking from the field and not via speech to tell the enemy that any air raid by the “Israeli” Air Force on Lebanon will definitely be answered with an appropriate and proportionate manner because we want to serve a goal which is to protect our country.

Clearly and in broad daylight – this is what the enemy must take into account when they make assessments, when they want to launch at any time, God forbid, an air raid at any target in Lebanon – in the mountains, the north, the Bekaa, the south, Mount Lebanon. The enemy is forbidden from launching air raids at the entire Lebanese territory and anyone on it because we will respond appropriately and proportionately – an open area versus an open area. They strike, we strike. 

In light of what happened, I must stress the following:

1- We do not waste and we will never neglect what the resistance and Lebanon achieved in the July war, regardless of the sacrifices and risks, because this will enable the enemy to invade Lebanon again. Less sacrifices today are better than massive sacrifices later because if they got used to violating the country, brace yourselves for more sacrifices, losses, and humiliation.

2- I previously told the enemy not to miscalculate and think that Hezbollah and the resistance in Lebanon are preoccupied with the internal situation and internal divisions – no government, fuel problem, foodstuffs and medicine problem –  and, therefore, will not dare to make any responses in the front.

Yesterday's message is clear – no matter how difficult, stressful, or bad the internal situation in Lebanon is, however it is, for us, protecting Lebanon is our first responsibility. We bear this responsibility. We will protect our country. We will protect our people, regardless of the internal circumstances. I also tell them: Do not bet on the pressures being exerted on the Lebanese and on the environment of the resistance, specifically. Do not bet on the Lebanese division over the resistance because it is old – before 1982. It’s been around since the 70s and 60s, after 1982, after the 2000, after 2006, and until today. The talk about a Lebanese national consensus on the resistance is incorrect. There has never been a Lebanese consensus on the resistance against the “Israeli” occupation. Let us not kid each other. I always used to say this. Despite the Lebanese division, the resistance with all its parties and factions inflicted a defeat on the occupation army in 1985 and expelled it from Mount Lebanon, from the suburbs, from the capital, from Sidon, Tyre, Nabatiyeh, the western Bekaa, and Rashaya. The resistance, with all its parties and factions, imposed on the enemy a humiliating withdrawal in 2000 despite the Lebanese division.

In 2006, the resistance scored a historic victory despite the Lebanese division, so do not bet on a Lebanese division, and do not rejoice in some of the wrong details that occur here and there. And do not bet, O enemy, on the environment of the resistance, the direct environment that was telling us yesterday, to launch the strikes from their homes. Do not bet on this environment; it may suffer and may be affected. It may have remarks regarding our political performance at home, on some of our political alliances, and on some of our behavior, but in the issue of resistance this environment is loyal and faithful because the only way to protect the country, the south, and Lebanon’s sovereignty, security, and safety is via the resistance, its weapon, and its resistance fighters.

In any case, 40 years bear witness to this truth that I’m saying. Historically and in the present day, this environment are the people of patience, insight, and endurance. They are the descendants of the lady who said “I saw nothing but beauty.” This environment has and will always make sacrifices and be steadfast.

The third or fourth point, what happened yesterday is a response to the air raids and has nothing to do with the martyrdom of our dear brothers Ali Kamel Mohsen and Muhammad Qasim Tahan. One analyst in the “Israeli” entity linked the two topics. We mentioned the names of the two brothers first to honor them and secondly as a reminder. Today, I say this file and this account is still open between us and the enemy, and it’s just a matter of time.

Fourth, I also want to tell the enemy that our options are open – as I said a while ago because we discussed that. If air strikes happen – and I warn them against that – it does not necessarily mean that our response, even if it is from an open area, will be from an open area in the Shebaa Farms. Our response may be from an open area in the north of occupied Palestine. From now on, when air raids are carried out on Lebanon on farmers and civilians, lands in all of northern occupied Palestine must be evacuated; our response may be at the occupied Golan region. But, at the time, we will assess and see what the interest and make the decision.

So, our hands are open. We are not putting an equation called air raids – bombing the Shebaa Farms. No, the Shebaa Farms is one testament to the open areas that we can respond to.

Fifth, we have always said that we are not looking for a war and we do not want to go to war, but we are ready for it and are not afraid of it or fear it. We wait for it every day, and we will win it, God willing, because this is the promise of God and His Messenger. I assure you and the enemy that the biggest foolishness that the enemy will have committed is when it decides to go to war with Lebanon.

The sixth and final point in this section: When the serious breach and air raids took place in southern Lebanon, the international community and many in Lebanon, especially those claiming sovereignty, fell silent after the firm, clear, public, open, and courageous response of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon. They objected and pretended to cry in front of the people and the whole country. I do not want to respond to these people, nor argue with them because this argument is futile. Each of us has his own convictions and opinions. For 40 years and more, people have been talking, and the talk has ended a long time ago. There is no need for me to comment. Someone may ask what is your response to them? I do not have a response to them. Every person has made his choice from 1982 onwards, from 2005 onwards. Even if the prophets and messengers descend and facts were revealed before their eyes, every person adheres to his conviction, his position, his relations, and to the project to which he belongs. So, we don't give this topic importance.

I said I do not want to discuss the incident that happened yesterday, but because of its importance and seriousness and the repercussions that occurred later, I believe it is my duty to briefly comment on it.

During the resistance group’s return from its mission and on its way back, it entered the town of Shwayya to pass through. Of course, the truck was covered, and the general view was a civilian view. People uncovered the launcher later, and things happened.

I want to talk about the incident to take lessons from and also use it to address matters because the enemy bet a lot on it and rejoiced. In any case, it made the enemy happy and saddened our friends. In light of this incident, it was said that the resistance – they accused us – our young men launched the attack from the village or near the houses in the village. The proof is this truck, and the evidence is that there are still 11 or 12 missiles in it. Of course, worse than the incident that happened was filming it and distributing it on social media and the media, which led to great tension in the country.

I am one of the people who assume that I am calm, and God willing, I am calm and bear a lot. I also assume that I am responsible. I do not get angry quickly or make a hasty decision or call on my brothers to make a hasty decision. However, when I watched the footage of the Shwayya incident, I was affected. I was very sad. So, how about all the people who do not have the same level of responsibility as mine and are not obliged to control their nerves like I do or be calm as I am. The incident was one thing, filming it and circulating it was disgraceful, sad, and very bad.

They took the clip and circulated it in the media and on social media – we caught you, Hezbollah. Take a look, this is Hezbollah! This is the resistance! This was a clear lie. In any case, the clip came later. The missile launcher in the clip that was cut off on the road is the same as the one in the valleys, between orchards, far from villages and homes, and between hills and mountains bombarding the enemy. Just for you to see that the rope of lies is short. When people are hostile and hateful, they do not wait to make sure if this argument is true or false.

Secondly, the remaining missiles that you saw in the truck are a testament to the discipline of these resistance fighters. The launchers had 31 or 32 rockets. The decision was to fire 20 rockets. If it weren’t for these young men, they would not have discipline and would’ve fired 32 rockets and came back empty. They fired 20 [rockets]. If you go back to the footage and count the empty nozzles, you will find that 20 missiles were fired at the occupied area in the Shebaa Farms. So, after launching the missiles, this truck was stopped. They fired 20 missiles, and the rest remained in the truck because these fighters meticulously complied with military orders, and this is the military.

Out of respect for people’s intelligence, of course, many said yesterday when the resistance issued an explanatory statement that you do not need to explain, clarify, or justify. I do not want to clarify but explain out of respect for the people and the public opinion. Why did we launch [missiles] from that valley? I say to our people in Shwayya, in Hasbaya, and to all the villages – allow me to use this phrase – which are not Shiite. If we could reach this area in an accurate and specific way – because we are firing Katyushas and not precision missiles – from the vicinity of our Shiite villages, we would have done so. If we could launch them from our homes, we would’ve done that in order to protect all of Lebanon, the people of Lebanon, and all the sects of Lebanon. But this particular area in the Farms is a military area in which there are no farmers and civilians, and we wanted to target it with Katyushas. You know the angle; these missiles can reach places that we don't want them to. They can fall in populated places or can drag us all to an uncalculated confrontation. Therefore, the geographical location and military performance dictated that we launch from these places, not because they are adjacent to a Druze, Christian, or Sunni village. It is very shameful for someone to speak this language, think in this way, or accuse us on this basis.

Also, with regard to the incident, in our opinion, it was not something simple and has serious connotations. We must also ponder about the young men themselves. They had weapons on them and they were eight young men. You saw the group that surrounded them. It was not a large group, meaning you can count them on your fingers. Despite that, the young people practiced the highest levels of patience, discipline, and awareness. These are the honorable resistance fighters, the resistance fighters who carry their people, homeland, and country in their heart and conscience. These must be honored. They are defending you courageously with their in broad daylight. Any “Israeli” drone or the “Israeli” air force could have bombed them, and they would’ve been martyred. But at home, they are practicing patience, insight, awareness, discipline, and wisdom.

Yesterday, when I watched the clip, I wished I could reach these brothers and kiss their hands and foreheads and wipe the sweat from their faces because these young people are Lebanon’s honor and guarantee. They are the real Lebanon; they are the real people in this country. And whoever attacked them is from a different world. I will just say that and refrain from using other phrases.

What happened was very, very, very bad. Of course, we have to be fair – here we must go to addressing the matter. It was not the people of the town who did this. We must not say that the people of Shwayya and all the townspeople are responsible. No, there is a clear group of people, faces and names. I assure you that there are people in Shwayya – because the boys told us the details – who defended the brothers and rescued some of the brothers from the hands of these aggressors. Our brothers were eight men. Four were handed over to the army. Honorable people of this town helped another four and facilitated their exit from the hands of these aggressors.

Also, the town's municipality, etc., issued clear statements in this regard. Here I must thank all the religious, political, and popular references and leaders of our dear people in the Druze sect as well as all national forces, parties, political forces, bodies and figures, and everyone for their positions, statements, and responsible action and their support and solidarity with the resistance and its right and condemnation of this shameful behavior. This may have been a blessing in disguise. They have shown great solidarity with the resistance and its right to respond, which it exercised yesterday.

The problem is with the group that carried out this attack, as for the rest of the townspeople, no. We know the people of Shwayya, and we know their affiliation. We know that there are martyrs in town from the national resistance, and we know that there are resistance fighters in the town and that it embraces the resistance. Therefore, I say to the sympathizers, supporters, and enthusiasts, do not hold the people of the town responsible for this. Only hold the foolish people who committed this act responsible. Accusing an entire honorable sect, I mean the Druze (Al-Muwahhidun) sect is a renewed attempt to cause divisions, sensitivities, enmities, and grudges. We must always be careful and attentive. Any reaction to an innocent person is condemned and rejected, regardless of who the aggressor or the victim are. As long as the aggressor is innocent, this act is condemned. We are the people of the Qur’an, the people of Islam, the people of religion that says “And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. ” We apply this here and later when talking about the Khaldeh incident. Therefore, we must pay close attention, especially to those who employ any detail or incident to cause a Muslim-Christian conflict, a Sunni-Shiite conflict, a Shiite-Druze conflict. They want to turn it into a sectarian issue. We must be very careful.

With regard to those who attacked our brothers, they not only cut off the road, but they also stole the machinery, equipment, and weapons. They beat, attacked, and pointed weapons in the faces of our brothers. There are people caught in camera inciting others to kill them and hang them. The agencies must investigate with these individuals and must be held accountable before the judiciary. As for the general atmosphere, it must be addressed with wisdom and good advice, with the intervention of the honorable sheikhs, political leaders, and religious authorities so that the Hasbaya District and the border areas become  harmonious and integrated once again. All the people of all sects are in the circle of “Israeli” threats and targeting.

The third topic is the port [explosion]. A few days ago on August 4th was the first anniversary. Once again, I extend my condolences to the families of the Lebanese martyrs from all sects and the families of the Syrian martyrs who are forgotten in this incident, who are in the tens, and the families of the martyrs of other nationalities as well. I pray for the wounded who are still suffering from their wounds and for all those who have been affected to have patience, endurance, tranquility, and serenity.

From the first moment we dealt with this incident – I am talking here as Hezbollah – as a national disaster and a human tragedy par excellence that affected all Lebanese as well as Syrians and other nationalities. From the first moment, the main concern was healing the wounds, identifying the martyrs, lifting the rubble, absorbing the losses, and later what is required is truth, justice, assistance, and compensation. This is the logic, human logic, moral logic, religious logic, national logic. This is how any person or group is supposed to act, but what happened?

From the first moment, well-known local and Arab media outlets, well-known political party parties, well-known figures, and well-known associations in the country – before the dust cleared, and people were still shocked, and was still unknown whether it was an explosion or an earthquake – these people pointed the finger – before knowing what happened, before investigating, without any information – at Hezbollah and the resistance. They accused us of storing missiles in hangar 12, and these missiles exploded and caused the tragedy. They accused Hezbollah of having weapons and ammunition storages in the port that exploded and led to hundreds of martyrs, thousands of wounded, and extensive destruction. Of course, this incident was politicized and paid for by the Americans and Saudis in the service of “Israel” and to settle political scores – at home the focus was on the President. This is related to the internal political calculations, but the wave went more on the resistance.

Within a few days, it became clear that all the talk about missiles, weapons, and ammunition in hangar 12 – belonging to the resistance or not – was baseless. They swallowed their tongues and did not correct or apologize – as if they didn’t do anything. For days, they abused, insulted, accused us of treason, and incited hatred. The country almost slipped into civil strife, and after that they did nothing. They remained silent. They spoke about another hypothesis. Of course, neither the Lebanese judiciary nor the Lebanese security services investigated. I am talking about the opponents, the enemies in fact. They hypothesized that it was an “Israeli” bombing, that “Israel” was the one that bombed the port. However, they said this not to condemn “Israel” but rather to condemn the resistance and Hezbollah.

Also, a year had passed, and still, they did not find evidence, witnesses, or any investigation that would lead to this conclusion. They were lost. At one point they were lost – what would they talk about? Wait for the investigations. They know that the official investigation by the Lebanese army, the French investigators, and the FBI, as well as all the parties that participated and contributed to the investigation reached a clear conclusion.

This is now available, made public, and documented. There are no missiles, no weapons, and no ammunition in hangar 12 or in the port. There was foreign role. I am not anticipating. The findings should be announced in the investigation. They do not want to announce, I will return to the subject shortly. What will they do?

Since there is nothing to be used to target the resistance and Hezbollah, they created a new narrative – the [ammonium] nitrate. Who brought the nitrate? The judiciary must say who brought it, the ship that brought it. There is information that says that the ship was never meant to come to Lebanon, but rather an accident happened and it docked at the Beirut Port. It was never coming to Beirut at all. Well, who brought the nitrate, who stored it, who kept it, and who prevented the transfer of these materials and their sale?

It started all over again. The one who brought the nitrate and know about since it brought is Hezbollah. The one who stored it in hangar 12 is Hezbollah, and the one who preserved it in hangar 12 is Hezbollah. Hezbollah was the one that prevented it from being transported from hangar 12. Well, what is your evidence regarding this gruesome accusation?

There is no proof. They have a TV station, a newspaper, and a media platform as well as an electronic army. They have the right to say whatever they like. So, they are trying to fabricate a story. I would like to respond to this with a small joke. 

Poor Hezbollah. It does not have tons of weapons, ammunition, missiles, and explosive materials manufactured in the best military factories in the world. It’s basically STANDARD. The poor thing does not have weapons that it had to smuggle nitrate into Lebanon –nitrate that is used in agriculture and can be used in the manufacturing of explosive materials. Poor, it has no choice. Poor Hezbollah, it has no warehouses to store the nitrate in. It has warehouses that can accommodate tens of thousands of missiles, but it does not have warehouses in which it can store 2000 tons of nitrate, for example. That is why it left them in the hangar. Poor Hezbollah, it was unable to secure places to transport the nitrate to for six to seven years. Poor Hezbollah, it has no means of transportation or trucks. It must rent a truck, taxis, and drivers to transport it to the south. Poor Hezbollah. Is there anything more ridiculous and trivial than this? Is there anything worse than this? You be the judge. If someone wanted to make accusations, use a little logic and reason. This is ridiculous and trivial talk, but it is intentional. They know that it is ridiculous and trivial, but they are adopting the lie, lie, and lie attitude because they know that someone is ready to believe it. And this is part of the battle and open war.

As the situation developed, they said no, Hezbollah does not need it. Hezbollah brought the nitrate and put it in the port to transport it to Syria. Also, with the same joke. Poor Syrian regime, it has no ports in Latakia or Tartous, so it was obliged to bring it to Beirut and hassle Hezbollah by transporting it from Beirut to Syria. Poor Syrian regime, it does not have allies who bring it in planes and ships, weapons, ammunition, and explosive materials, etc. Seriously?! Can anyone with a right mind to say this? Anyway, everything that has been said over the past year until today, especially in the past few days, is not based on logic or reason and has no goal other than accusation, blackmailing, cursing, insulting, and distorting the truth. We could have done the same thing. We could’ve made accusations from the beginning when the people were still mourning their martyrs. I could’ve gone on TV and say that the ones who killed your children and blew up the country are those who support the armed groups in Syria. Those who need nitrate to make explosives are neither Hezbollah nor the Syrian forces. The ones who needed nitrate to make explosive materials are the militants in the outskirts of Arsal, Qalamoun, and Al-Qusayr. Those who brought nitrate are the Lebanese groups that support the militants whose names are known and are present in the power and in the security services. We could hold these people responsible. You have your voice, and we have ours. You have your television stations, and we have ours. You have social networking sites, and we have, ours. You have your platforms, and we have ours. So, let the country slip into chaos – everyone accusing everyone. But we did not do this until now, and I am giving this as an example. Do you know why? Because we are logical people. We have evidence and honor. Because we know how it feels to have martyrs. We know how the wounded feel, and we know how people whose homes were destroyed feel. We know the meaning of destroying people's livelihoods. We have known this issue for decades. As for you, those who sit behind television screens and organize seminars, you and some politicians who have a golden spoon in their mouth, what do you know about these feelings? We refused to toy with the people’s feelings and the feelings of the families of the martyrs, the wounded, and those affected. We refused to employ a serious incident of this magnitude, which affected everyone because we care for the country and are keen on spreading calm and harmony in it. We did not politicize it, nor did we attack others in the media, even when we were accused, insulted, and defamed. We did not defend ourselves by attacking, but we defended ourselves by clarifying and by resorting to investigations. We called for the results of the investigations to be published. Why did you not publish them? This is the difference between you and us.

Today, on the first anniversary of this incident, I tell the families of the martyrs, the wounded, and those affected, you must know who your opponents are and who did wrong to the port incident? Who? Those who did it wrong are the ones who employed this tragic incident from the first moment in politics, to accuse others, and in media and political targeting. Those who abused this incident were the ones who published from the first moment false and baseless news and reports to mislead the public opinion, manipulate the feelings of the people and families of the martyrs, and mislead the investigation. Those who wronged the martyrs and the wounded are the ones who turned a humanitarian issue into a cheap political issue. Those who have wronged the martyrs and the wounded are those who turned a comprehensive national issue into a divisive sectarian issue. They wanted to turn it into a Muslim and Christian issue. They wanted to turn it into a Muslim-Christian conflict, and they want to show that the murdered was the Christians and the killers were the Muslims, even though the murdered were the Muslims and the Christians. Muslims and Christians together bear the responsibility. To the families of the martyrs, these are the ones who wronged the blood of your children, dear ones, and loved ones.

Regarding the judicial aspect, the integrity of the judiciary or any judge is not set in stone, it’s not divine, but it is related to the behavior and performance of the judge. Everything is like that in Lebanon and elsewhere. There can be an impartial judiciary or an unfair judge. There can be a just judiciary or a politicized judge.

This is possible. This has to do with behavior, performance, and work method. Well, today – I also want to speak frankly – there are those who asked what Hezbollah is afraid of. From the judicial investigation? Hezbollah is not afraid of a judicial investigation. Hezbollah has nothing to do with the matter. It did not bring nitrate, nor sell it, nor have anything to do with it. Neither the trustworthy agencies nor the judiciary are accusing us. Those who work in the media for the Americans, the Saud family, and others are the ones who are accusing us. Well, we're afraid the truth will be lost. We are afraid that the case will be tampered with. We are afraid of politicizing the issue. We are afraid of politicizing it and using it for political targeting in the country. This is what we fear.

Concerning the judicial part, it was said that the technical investigation ended since the time of the former judge. The army says that it cannot announce the results. The investigations are at the disposal of the judiciary. The security forces say the same thing. O judiciary, tell the people what the findings of the technical investigation are and that you want to take as a basis. If the technical investigation points to "Israel", it must take "Israel" as a possibility. If the technical report said something else – administrative negligence, bombing, an accident – you should look into that. Is there a problem for you to come out and say that this is the result of the technical investigation on which the Lebanese security services and foreign experts unanimously agreed? Tell the people the truth. Don't the families of the martyrs have the right to know the truth? Don’t the wounded have the right to know the truth? The people whose homes were destroyed and the entire Lebanese people who were harmed, should not a judge say that this individual did so and so as part of the transparent follow-up to the case? This is the truth, and accordingly, I will continue to investigate, summon, file lawsuits, etc. Why not do that?

Because it is not required to get to the truth. Because there is collusion with insurance companies, previous and subsequent collusions. If the report was announced before the indictment comes out and before the file is transferred to the Judicial Council, the insurance companies must pay one billion and 600 million dollars to the people who have insured with these insurance companies for their lives and property. Why is this delay? Why?

What are you waiting for to tell the truth, in order for people to get their money? They didn’t find anyone to help them. In the past, Previously, when I demanded the announcement of the technical investigation, some distorted what I said. They said Sayyed is saying that the investigation is over. No, I did not say the investigation is over. I said the technical investigation has ended, the rest of the investigation has not ended, where did I say that the investigation has ended? The technical investigation is over. The summonses and accusations are based on it. This is what I am demanding. Why is it not announced? To the families of the martyrs, my respect and love for you, and my heart breaks for you. I sincerely know what a martyr’s father, a martyr’s mother, and a martyr’s family mean. Go to Judge Bitar at the court and to his house. Tell him, O judge, please, tell us what the technical report says? We want to know what happened? Was it negligence? An explosion? A terrorist act? and “Israeli” attack? Tell us the truth first before we see what we should do with those responsible for this act. Why don't you do this if you are serious about knowing how your children were killed and martyred and how the wounded were injured. Don’t go to the homes of other people who have nothing to do with the subject. Do not accept that you and the blood of your children be politicized. What is required of the investigative judge is a unit standards. What is required of the investigative judge is not to resort to discretion. So far, there has been discretionary but no unit standards. Can you explain to us what a current prime minister and a former minister of works mean? Why not a former prime minister? I am not targeting anyone; I am talking about a scientific and objective topic. I love the present and the former premieres. They are our friends, and there is no problem. Why a current prime minister and a former minister of works? Is it because you are undermining the current prime minister?

There is no unit standards among ministers, among presidents, among heads of the security and military services, and among judges. There is no unit standards. There is discretion, and I say it officially to the families of the martyrs. This judicial investigator practices politics and is politicized, and this investigation is politicized. The matter does not affect me and does not affect Hezbollah. But do you want the truth and no one is wronged? This is the truth. I am not saying that you should withdraw the file from the judiciary. I am not saying change the judge. The judge must work with a unit standard and not operate independently. The judge should announce the results of the technical and judicial investigation and the file will be on its normal course.

We will not accept the truth to be lost, and we will never surrender to political targeting. We do not accept political targeting. We do not accept that you oppress anyone. Either you work technically, legally, and judicially according to a unit standard, transparency, and clarity, or the judiciary employs another judge who completes the course of the investigation and puts it back on its right track. In the first place, you can ask him and the one that preceded him – did you investigate with everyone? Did you sit down and ask everyone – judges, presidents, current and former ministers, and heads of the security services? No, he did not. Well, why are you filing lawsuits and accusing people and not others? Why are you in a hurry? Why leak to the media? Isn't that called politicization?

Anyway, I want to conclude this point by saying: I call on all the Lebanese to put this file back on its right track. Some deputies in Parliament signed a petition to be able to accuse individuals and lift immunities, open the investigation, and take them to trial. They did not sign a petition to cover up someone for some fascist television stations – they are really fascist – to put the pictures of these deputies and call them the deputies of the nitrate or the deputies of shame. These are the deputies of honor. They want the truth to be revealed and that the blood of the martyrs not to be used in the political targeting of anyone. This is what is required in the file to return to its normal course. Let us use a Lebanese-style phrase “no one eats someone’s head.” This or that direction. This requires the file to return to its normal path. Let's use a Lebanese-style phrase “do not shame me to death.” And I say to the families of the martyrs, do not allow some politicians, some criminals, and some people with a history of murder and crime to politicize the blood of your children. There is political targeting in this or that direction.

The last point because time is running out. I would like to summarize the Khaldeh incident. The attack on the funeral procession of martyr Ali Shibli was not an ordinary incident like the incidents that occur in the country – they had a disagreement and shot each other. It was not armed clashes between two parties. It was an ambush prepared on the roofs of buildings, on the roads, and on the ground. There were ambushes on the ground. There were people sitting in cars and shot at cars, women, and children. There was intensive shooting at mourners and passersby, who had nothing to do with the funeral procession. Their hijab and looks suggested that they were part of the procession. We consider what happened as a massacre and not an incident, where three martyrs were killed and 16 wounded. Most of the injuries were in the head and chest, meaning if it were not for God’s protection and care, 19 martyrs would have fallen.

The shooting was aimed at killing. It was not aimed at dispersing people or forcing them to flee. The aim was sniping, shooting from a close distance, and killing. What happened was a massacre. The people who carried out this massacre are a gang of criminals and murderers. They have no other description. There was no logical reason for an attack of this kind, and it is inhumane and not related to Arabism, tribalism, religion, and Islam. We asked the army to quickly intervene to control the situation. We are thankful to the army for its quick intervention. We gathered our martyrs, our wounded, and the people. We were patient out of wisdom and responsibility, not weakness. Everyone knows that we are strong and capable. Despite the anger and severe pain, we were able to restrain our people. There was a state of commitment and discipline.

Allow me to take advantage of this occasion to address this public that is being attacked and who has the right to be angry and furious but still has the ability to be patient, disciplined, endure, and not engage in actions that would serve the enemy or what the enemy wants. I thank them for all of that. We refused to be dragged into an internal battle that we were capable of, and one of the simplest things that can be exploited to cause a great strife. We asked that the state institutions bear the responsibility. The country overcame a dangerous situation a few days ago because of our patience and insight and the patience of this public, which was a miracle. The reactions that took place yesterday are not acceptable and rejected. But due to the magnitude of what happened, we applaud our supporters’ and our environment’s religious, commitment as well as their very high and great moral, humanitarian, and national commitment.  
The army intervened, and there were raids and some arrests. Some people escaped. What is required today?

1- To arrest all those involved in perpetrating this massacre, and as soon as possible. These people are known by name and photos. They must be referred to the judiciary. We did not ask for more than that, isn't that right? This is the right of any person in any country, the weak and the strong. This is their right.

2- Second: A radical solution to the issue of the highway to the south. This is the responsibility of the state, the army, the security forces, the political forces, popular actors, and the wise men in Naameh, Khaldeh, and the rest of the towns supervising this road. At the very least, the fruit of the martyrs’ blood is an end to cutting off the road to the south. Taking to the streets and cutting off roads. In the past, I said that this is unbearable. It is the responsibility of the army, first and foremost. And it is doing so now. But it must continue to do so. Not only when these people block the road, we go down and open the road. Those blocking roads are not the people of Khaldeh, Naameh, or from the area. They are well-known groups, well-known faces, and well-known names. If the army’s intelligence and information branch does not have the names, we will give them the names. The reporters will give you the names. Everything is recorded. 

Simply, the legal duty of the army and security forces is to arrest those who insist on blocking the road, assaulting people, vandalizing cars, threatening the country’s civil peace, and wanting to drag it into civil war and sectarian strife and put them in prisons. They must not be kicked out of the roads. They will return hours later and block the road again. And we play the game of mouse and cat. The simplest fruits of the Khaldeh massacre should be closing the file of the coastal road, the road to the south because this road is a door to sedition in this country.

3- We confine our problem regarding the Khaldeh incident to a group, this murderous criminal gang. We do not have a problem with the Arabs of Khaldeh, with our people and our brothers, neither with the Arabs of Khaldeh, nor with the Arabs of Naameh, nor with the Arabs of the coast, nor with the Arab clans. Basically, we have Arab clans. There are in the resistance, among our young men, and in the Saray, people from the Khaldeh and the Naameh Arabs.

Therefore, I hope from people who are angry on social media, our problem is not with the Arabs of Khaldeh or with the Arabs of the coast, but rather with this murderous criminal group. That’s it. I refer to what I spoke about a while ago. Our religious culture and our Qur’an say, {And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another.}

We cannot hold a person’s family, clan, sect, or people of his sect responsible for a crime he committed. I’m talking in general, not just about this incident. Reason, logic, the law, religion, and the Qur’an say this. Therefore, when we abstain from holding someone responsible, this includes verbal humiliation and abuse. It does not mean that we constrain  ourselves on the ground but not on social media. No, this helps the enemy – holding an entire group responsible even though it’s not their responsibility.

This is totally wrong and unacceptable. I even tell those who are reacting to constrain themselves on the ground in order to complete this patience, this insight, and this endurance, even in some form of expression about the situation in the media or on social media. Of course, we are afflicted, and our supporters are afflicted. But in any case, when we emerge from every successful exam with our heads held high, know that this increases us strength and brings us closer to victory, and this defeats the goals of our enemy.

No one should read the subject wrongly or suspiciously. We want the best for everyone, in Khalde, Naameh, and on the coastal road, in all of Lebanon. We know that what happened has absolutely nothing to do with Arab or tribal traditions and is not related to human values. People carrying the body of a martyr and are mourning him and they are shot in this way and intensively, men, women and children. No one tells us that this is tribal customs. These are savages who behaved in this way. Our problem is with those people. As for the rest of the people, they are our people, our loved ones, and our brothers, and we want good for all. We want all Lebanese regions to live in peace and security. Anyway, we in Hezbollah are actively following up this issue on a daily basis. I am personally and actively following up on it and on a daily basis. We will see where things will go, and every situation has a speech.

We’ve taken a lot of your time. I will conclude with these few words because there is no longer enough time.

Regarding the government affairs, you are waiting ,and we are waiting. It is between His Excellency the President and the premiere. They talk to each other and negotiate. Let us see what will happen. We must not anticipate things.

Regarding life affairs, we are following up and doing the best we can. Now, there is not enough time for me to get into gasoline, diesel, medicine, subsidies, smuggling, and monopoly. In any case, time will come for us to talk broadly.

Regarding Muharram this year and the mourning commemorations, we are concerned, i.e., the Shiites, the Shiite parties, the Amal movement, Hezbollah, the Supreme Shiite Islamic Council, the scholarly bodies, and the concerned parties in the Shiite community to mark the occasion. Last year, we canceled the commemorations because corona infections were high. This year we decided to mark the occasion. When we decided, there were 150 to 200 infections. However, it’s not like now – more than 1000 cases. However, we will continue but agree that people must abide by the measures. If people really want to come to the mourning commemorations and are keen on their continuation, they have to abide by the measure – first, for their safety and the safety of the other participants and for their deeds to be acceptable by God Almighty and are not committing a forbidden act.

A person who does not abide by the measures and is infected with corona, then infects others is committing a forbidden act. For the love of Hussein, all mourning ceremonies must commit to the measures. They must be held in open spaces, orchards, playgrounds, courtyards, where it is not in a closed space, but wide and with not many numbers. There should be social distancing and people wearing masks. Certainly, the one who has symptoms, infected, or had contact with an infected person should not attend these commemorations. It is not permissible for him to come to these commemorations.

If we adhere to these measures, we will be able to take part in morning ceremonies for ten days. If there is no adherence to the measures and we find that the rate of infections began to rise, I, unfortunately, tell you, that we may have to start canceling the commemorations. We may have to cancel commemorations in order to preserve people's lives because this is our religious mandate. This is what pleases Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.  It's not a matter of bids, it's never an issue of bids. So, I wish all brothers and sisters commit to the measures. I wish all directors to also be firm and meticulous. They must not be lenient with this matter at all – social distancing , chairs far from each other, when they sit on the ground, they sit far from each other, everyone wears masks. Without a mask, you must not allow anyone to enter the majlis. A person wears a mask, he enters. Individuals with no masks are not allowed in. Sitting next to each other without social distancing is not permissible. I wanted to be very clear to say that these majlis are for knowledge, the revival of religion, the revival of the command of the Messenger of God and his household and getting closer to God Almighty. And God is not obeyed from where one disobeys Him.

I’ve taken a lot of your time. May God give you wellness. Thanks to the people and may they be rewarded for their patience, insight, and endurance during the difficult circumstances. People must tolerate each other, stand in solidarity with each other, and be patient with each other so we can overcome this stage. And I always like to tell you all that we will overcome this. This ordeal will not last long and will not remain forever. Our path in the resistance, the path of the entire resistance axis is a path of victory following another victory, God willing.

May God grant you wellness. Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.