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The Caesar Act Falls with a Signal from Sayyed Nasrallah

The Caesar Act Falls with a Signal from Sayyed Nasrallah
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By Ahmed Fouad

Deconstructing the complexity of the current scene exposes the myth of American power – with its illusion and glare – whose links are broken one after the other. Nevertheless, it won’t collapse entirely as a result of one position. They will not all fall in one glorious moment, but America’s abilities are waning, weakening, and retreating in images that appear to anyone who wants to see.

Suddenly, the American steps in Lebanon failed, and the Caesar Act, which is besieging Syria and Lebanon and is imposing a red line to prevent communication between the Axis of Resistance, collapsed. In the words of the American ambassador, the scene ended long years of efforts to isolate Syria and keep it away from Lebanon.

At this rare moment, based on the years of victory and jihad on every battlefield, and in light of the sudden American helplessness and astonishment at what happened, Sayyed’s move towards Syria came. On the fourth anniversary of the second liberation, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah linked what happened and what will happen to Syria, once again.

"The Caesar's Act was not only a siege on Syria, but also a siege on Lebanon," he said. For those who deny the influence on Lebanon, Sayyed returned the crisis to its first and direct root.

The divine blow, of course, swept aside the Zionists, the party that suffered the most significant setback as a result of what is happening to the shepherd, the ally, and the capable treasurer. At the moment, the entity looks like an abandoned bastard, without a father, without protection and the ability to move, and its confidence in the future bleeds in terrible succession.

In light of a humiliating US withdrawal, the comprehensive view of the region requires acknowledging that “Israel’s” paralysis is not a sign of surrender to reality, but rather a pause to take a breath. The leaders of the entity desperately want this in order to comprehend the surprise of the siege being broken over Syria and Lebanon and the opening of a wide road between Tehran and Damascus, all the way to Beirut.

Following Sayyed’s first speech in which he announced an agreement for the first Iranian ships to Lebanon, those who are familiar with the “Israeli” media noticed silence when it came to describing the scene. The Zionist media, which is completely under the sword of strict military censorship, would not be silent on such a threat unless instructed to do so.

It seems that the entity needs time to be able to absorb what happened, which constituted an unbelievable surprise. It’s now looking for an opportunity to maneuver after being completely paralyzed by incidents following the surprise. The entity’s position was weak, and in the best case scenario, it would merely be a reaction to the Lebanese decision. Thus, it would place an unknown price on any steps it chooses to take. Therefore, Tel Aviv wants time to calculate its next steps.

The transformations initiated by a signal from our Sayyed, the master of resistance and victory, are not just a reversal of the rules of the game. The beholder will see the laying of the foundations of a new era – one of the many challenges the Americans and Zionists will face.

The goal of this stage is to strike the philosophy of Zionist continuity in Palestine as well as the philosophy of its presence on our Arab land – the Zionist entity is always keen to portray its army as the unbeatable army. It’s also designed to hit Tel Aviv’s vast foreign investments and the theory of Zionist supremacy over the Arabs.

For its existence and continuity, “Israel” relies on multiple factors – the army with its aura, and support from Western powers that provide it with political cover as well as iron and fire. This is designed to ensure that its superiority over all the Arab armies combined cannot be denied. In every war the Zionists waged, they destroyed one Arab army after another, with ease – in a strange manner.

And in the event of a crisis, the United States was there to provide immediate and mighty assistance. In the October liberation war, the American force intervened immediately after the forbidden occurred and the first crushing defeat of the Zionists approached, to turn it into what could be promoted as a massive victory by freezing the Syrian advance first, then besieging the third Egyptian army, and crossing back to Africa in one day and night.

Western investments were immediately made available in the form of armies of human wealth, and then tens of billions of dollars ready to be pumped into the joints and arteries of the Zionist economy. If anyone thought of leaving, these investments gave them a reason to stay. Additional motives were added to the desires of those who wish to move to the Promised Land, where a job is guaranteed and the lands abandoned by its inhabitants are looking for new owners.

Finally, by using weapons and the economy, the Zionist entity maintains its permanent position as an oasis of growth and progress, amid an Arab sea suffering from the bitterness of backwardness, ignorance, and poverty. “Israel” is portrayed as a beacon of superiority, and a civilized ghetto among groups of barbarian tribes that do not know the way to civilization, and this superior entity had to subjugate them, as the American ancestors subjugated the Indians.

By any and all scales, Sayyed’s strikes – starting with the dazzling and great Ashura speech – dealt a triple blow to the Zionist entity. It comes in light of an optimal situation, from an American retreat seeking costly, even questionable, repositioning.

Moreover, the generous man proved that action in this region is possible. Successive victories generated the required amount of self-confidence and confidence in one’s capabilities, in turn giving the entire Axis of Resistance the necessary fuel to overcome the American siege and the Zionist threat. It also broke the arrogance of the Zionist power that allowed it to strike whenever and wherever it wanted to impose the “Israeli” demands and deter any aspiration for our rights.