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Raisi Slams Delay in Release of Iran’s Frozen Assets in Japan as Not Justifiable

Raisi Slams Delay in Release of Iran’s Frozen Assets in Japan as Not Justifiable
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By Staff, Agencies

Iranian President Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi called on Japan to unfreeze the country’s assets that have been blocked unjustifiably.

In a meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu, held in Tehran on Sunday, Raisi stressed the need for the release of the currency resources of Iran that have been frozen in Japan.

“The delay in releasing the Iranian assets held in Japanese banks is not justifiable,” he said.

Highlighting the friendly ties between Tehran and Tokyo and calling for the enhancement of the economic and trade relations, the president praised Japan for its humanitarian assistance to Iran in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the Japanese foreign minister’s call for the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Raisi said while the Islamic Republic had fully honored its JCPOA commitments, it was the US that breached the deal, withdrew from the agreement unilaterally and intensified the sanctions on Tehran.

Denouncing the European parties for following the US and refusing to honor the 2015 nuclear deal, Raisi said Americans must be held accountable for failing to fulfill their commitments and provide the world’s public opinion with an explanation for the breach of the JCPOA.

Raisi made it clear that Iran has no problem with the negotiations per se, but said, “With what justification should the US sanctions against the Iranian nation continue?”

On the developments in Afghanistan, he welcomed the efforts by Japan and regional countries for the establishment of peace and stability, adding, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported and continues to support peace and stability in Afghanistan, however, we believe that Afghans themselves should decide for Afghanistan.”

Blaming the lingering problems in Afghanistan on foreign interference, the president said the presence of Americans in the region, as in Afghanistan, has not resulted in security, but has created threats.

“Today, the Americans confess after 20 years that their presence in Afghanistan has been wrong, and, undoubtedly, we will witness such a confession about other regional countries as well as the Persian Gulf in the near future,” Raisi stated.

He further stressed that ensuring the security of regional and international waters will be in the interests of all sides, noting that Iran opposes any act resulting in insecurity of the region.

For his part, the senior Japanese diplomat expressed confidence that the relations between Tokyo and Tehran will grow under the new Iranian president’s tenure.

Highlighting Japan’s efforts to ensure regional peace and stability, Motegi said his country has always supported the JCPOA and believes that the revival of the nuclear deal will serve the interests of all parties and could contribute to a negotiated solution to problems.

The visiting Japanese foreign minister also voiced concern about the recent developments in Afghanistan, calling for a halt to the violence and for protection of the lives of people in that country.

Japan supports the diplomatic efforts by the regional countries for the establishment of peace, stability and calm in the region, and its principled policy is that troubles and conflicts should be settled peacefully and through dialogue, he concluded.