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Hezbollah Imposes Its Deterrence Equation: “Israel” Chooses Not to Escalate

Hezbollah Imposes Its Deterrence Equation: “Israel” Chooses Not to Escalate
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By Staff

The Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah responded to “Israeli” air raids that targeted the al-Jarmaq and al-Shawakir areas on Thursday night.

Hezbollah used the martyr Ali Kamel Mohsen and martyr Muhammad Qassem Tahan formations to strike targets in the vicinity of “Israeli” sites in the occupied Shebaa Farms.

Following the latest exchange, Rubi Hammerschlag, a correspondent with “Israel’s” public broadcaster, Kan, quoted the commander of the northern region Major General Amir Baram in a Twitter post.
"Hezbollah's firing of rockets was directed at the Shebaa Farms, and it did not intend to launch the rockets at the settlements," Baram told the heads of the local authorities. "The sirens were activated due to the Iron Dome's interceptor missiles. Therefore, residents were instructed to maintain their routine."
Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the occupation army said, "We have no desire for escalation on the northern borders […] Hezbollah fired rockets towards uninhabited areas, so we have no desire for escalation, and the north is without restrictions, where routine life continues."