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A Year on Beirut Port Blast: US-“Israeli” Wave of Pressure Doomed to Fail

A Year on Beirut Port Blast: US-“Israeli” Wave of Pressure Doomed to Fail
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By Mohammad Yousef

A whole year has passed since Beirut port explosion took place.

The tragic explosion that killed and wounded more than 6000 people and destroyed almost half of the city, especially the adjacent coastal residential and commercial area, along with the loss of billions of dollars’ worth businesses in the locality .

This catastrophe should have prompted governmental emergency actions and triggered a series of initiatives and projects to build and restore the city back to normalcy. However, nothing of this has happened as the tragedy came against the backdrop of unprecedented very complicated political, economic and financial crisis unseen worldwide since 150 years. What exacerbated the situation even more is the siege and sanctions imposed by the US administration against Lebanon and its people to presumably subjugate them to its will so they surrender to its conditions which in essence are “Israeli” ones.

Washington (a friendly country to Lebanon and the Lebanese as it keeps presenting itself) wants Lebanon disarmed from its strength, namely the resistance so it can easily dictates the “Israeli” will and puts it into effect.

With the absence of the resistance, all “Israeli” plans could be easily met, especially the Zionist ambitions in Lebanon’s gas and petroleum sea fields, not to mention the all-time schemes against its water and territories.

Lebanon has always been under “Israeli” occupation, aggression, invasions, incursions and violations. Our history is littered with a litany of “Israeli” massacres and heavy bloodshed against our people. Lebanese people has always been victimized and Lebanon’s sovereignty has always been violated. We waited long years, decades for the international community to force “Israel” to stop its aggressions and end its occupation. We appealed to the United Nations and the Security Council to protect us or at least to condemn “Israeli” atrocities, but all our calls fell on deaf ears. When we as Lebanese took the initiative and started to build a resistance that emerged and developed to be strong enough.

To defend and protect and to attain victory; a whole new chapter was written and the whole formula has changed. This genuine blessed homemade equation has put an end to the old doctrine:” Lebanon’s strength is in its weakness” to become Lebanon’s strength is in its resistance rather, in its tripartite golden formula: “army, people and resistance”.

This formula has proved utmost effectiveness, as it was able to protect, defend and triumph!

“Israel” failed to break Lebanon’s resolve and tried hardly to pressure Lebanon to dictate its conditions. It tried everything, as mentioned earlier, occupation, incursions, assassinations, destruction. The only thing left was this blockade and economic pressure so it can plant a wedge between the resistance and its supporters so they revolt and hold the resistance and the leadership for the tragic situation. The pressure mounted more and more because many international and regional supporters joined the club, namely the US and many Western countries and Saudi Arabia and UAE.

This says a lot about preventing many countries from giving aid to Lebanon. They are blackmailing and investing in our blood and people’s suffering. The unparalleled corruption within our confessional system has been the main cause of our dire situation and the economic and financial blockade has exacerbated the situation. The blockade is going to continue till they achieve their goals or become hopeless that they cannot break our will.

The only fear they have is the total collapse of the system that is why they plan to give some help to ensure this never happens. Again, not because they sympathize with our people but because this does not serve their interests and goals.

Awareness, patience, steadfastness and internal solidarity are crucial to survive -surmount this new US “Israeli” terrorist economic and financial wave. We need to make a major alterations in our way of living to adjust to the new challenges. Many people and countries have done this and make accomplishments. It is our turn now to prove that we preserve and deserve, preserve our sacrifices and deserve to live with dignity and independence. We are strong enough to do it. We have loyal and strong friends who will do everything to help.

God willing, we will definitely change the threat into opportunity and once again make their plots fail!