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Saudi Massacres to Be Continued: Another Youth Unjustly Executed

Saudi Massacres to Be Continued: Another Youth Unjustly Executed
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By Staff

Arbitrarily and unjustly, the Saudi regime authorities suddenly executed Saudi youth Ahmad Said Ali al-Janbi from the town of al-Qudaih in northern al-Qatif eastern province.

A Saudi interior ministry statement made clear that al-Janbi was executed after being allegedly accused of ‘deviation from public order and rebellion against the ruler,’ a charge leveld against anybody who participated in peaceful protests across the kingdom.

 In this context, prominent Saudi lawyer Taha al-Haji stated that the name of martyr al-Janbi isn’t mentioned in the list of those on death row, adding that he didn’t hear anything about issuing the death sentence primarily, neither about the appeal, nor about the ratification of the Supreme Court.

“You have to imagine the number of those on death row, whose whereabouts are never known due to the policy of intimidating their families,” al-Haji said, adding that “this is the clearest response to those who consider the rights activism’s harms are more than its advantages.”

In the same respect, the Specialized Court of Appeal approved the execution of the arbitrarily arrested Mohammad al-Shakhoury from Awamia, turning the case to its final destination at the Supreme Court.