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The Zakzakys’ Charges: A Case of “Rubbish & Nonsense”

The Zakzakys’ Charges: A Case of “Rubbish & Nonsense”
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By Harun Elbinawi -

When the eight fake, fraudulent and fabricated trump-up charges were finally read to the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, in the Kaduna High Court after almost one year of foot dragging and time wasting, he famously declared that “the charges read are Rubbish & Nonsense.”

And the recent “No Case Submission” judgement in the historic court victory of the Sheikh has vindicated his famous statement. “No Case Submission” means those prosecuting just fabricated fraudulent charges just to imprison an innocent man and his wife after the genocidal massacre of their three biological children in their residence and in their presence.

The “No Case Submission” means Sheikh Zakzaky do not even need to present witnesses to defend him and the 15 witnesses presented by the bloodthirsty extremists in power in Nigeria are all fraudulent. These genocidal criminals and bloodthirsty killers who buried innocent children alive in the multiple Shia mass graves brought the murderous criminals to testify against the parents of the innocent children and infants that they buried alive! The peak of extreme wickedness, evil, and monstrous savagery and barbarism.

We must never think that the Saudi-sponsored #ZariaGenocide was a mistake or a coincidence. No, it was a preplanned genocidal massacre of unarmed Shia civilians in Nigeria to uproot Shiism from Nigeria and by extension from Chad, Niger Republic, Cameroon and Benin Republic. The heavy bombardment and total destruction of the iconic Zaria Hussainiya underlined the above statement. Hussainiyas are symbols of Shia Islam in all part of the world. Even in Saudi Arabia there are Hussainiyas in the Eastern region where Shia population dominates.

It is important to note that when the Nigerian army was shooting Shia women and girls, harassing them, and beating them with Riffle bayonet they were chanting “No Shia in Nigeria!”. There are Survivors of this heinous crime against humanity and inshallah [God Willing] we will present them to the International Criminal Court, ICC, as witnesses.

Some people are suggesting that the victims of the Saudi-sponsored #ShiaGenocode agenda in Nigeria should sue the bloodthirsty extremists in power for compensation and damages. The question that I have for such people is that which money will these bloodthirsty killers use to pay these damages? They will surely take them from the public treasury, from the money that belongs to all Nigerians. The question is that are ordinary Nigerians the ones that slaughtered thousands of Shia civilians just to please bloodthirsty Saudi Wahhabi barbarians?

On a final note, the victims of fabricated trump-up charges that spent 4 and 5 years in the dilapidated Kaduna prison are waiting for justice. Do you know how it feels to spend 5 years in a dilapidated prison without committing any crime?