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Another Ill Prisoner Dies in Bahrain Due to Neglect

Another Ill Prisoner Dies in Bahrain Due to Neglect
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By Staff, Agencies

Local Bahraini media said Monday that a prisoner with diabetes has died as a result of neglect in an Al-Khalifa regime prison in Bahrain.

A Bahraini prisoner by the name of Hassan Abdulnabi Mansour, 35, who had diabetes, died as a result of neglect in Al-Khalifa's prison in Bahrain, the "Sowt al-Bahrain" website or the "Voice of Bahrain" said.

Mansour had been sentenced to three months in prison, and despite his deteriorating condition, the Al-Khalifa government refused to give him an "alternative punishment" for him.

According to the report, the prison administration refused to give him medicine and delayed his transfer to the prison health center for two days.

The prison guards were forced to transfer him to the medical center of the prison after the other prisoners rioted against the prison guards and smacked the wall and the doors as his health was deteriorating.

The prisoner was then taken from the prison medical center to Al-Salmaniyah Hospital, where he was announced dead on Sunday.

Bahraini lawyer Sayed Ahmad al-Wada'i has called for an investigation into the prisoner's death.