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Signals of a Special Kind between Tel Aviv and Riyadh!

Signals of a Special Kind between Tel Aviv and Riyadh!
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Translated by Staff,

“Israeli” figures send plentiful statements regarding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s valued positions, as do “Israeli” officials who unceasingly praise the Kingdom's distinguished leadership role. For its part, Tel Aviv sends signal after signal of its willingness to go “anywhere” to meet "moderate Arab leaders".

Yair Lapid, the “Israeli” entity’s Foreign Minister, was the last one among these figures, who said in response to a question about the possibility of normalization with Saudi Arabia, that he does not rule out this happening in the future, and will work with his team to expand accession to the normalization agreements among the neighbors of the Emirates.

Observers of regional affairs believe that the normalization project promoted covertly by Saudi Arabia, and by the Emirates and Bahrain, will not affect the principles of Muslim countries regarding the Palestinian Cause. Besides, experiences indicate that regional complicity arises in the beginning depending on small steps, as what happened with Egypt and Jordan, and then the complicity project fails after the regimes infiltrated by the Zionist lobby expose the schemes of global hegemony.

There are those in “Israel” who believe that the Arab initiative is, in fact, only an entry point for negotiation, or rather a “first Arab offer” followed by other offers and additional concessions. Therefore, there is a large block of opinion and decision-makers in the “Israeli” entity that talk about an opportunity for peace which should not be missed, and even warns against the danger of a new war breaking out if Tel Aviv does not extend its hand to the outstretched Arab hand for peace.

In fact, this trend is sustained by the stances of some Arabs, who viewed the initiative as a "first offer" and an entry point for negotiation. This trend is also expanding due to repeated Arab references to “activating the initiative, its explanation and its implementation methods,” which means that “Israel” will seek a “selective” approach with the terms of initiative, takes from it what benefits its national security, and throws the rest in the trash.

What matters to “Israel” in the initiative is to get rid of the Palestinian demography, by closing the doors and windows in the face of the “right of return first”, and to complete the processes of separation from the population after taking the largest area of land in the West Bank and al-Quds [Jerusalem], so that the result will be a non-viable Palestinian state, which must search for sustenance from other Arab sources. This is why the “Israeli” flirtation with Saudi Arabia seems to be a useful and a necessary requirement from the “Israeli” point of view at least at this stage; if the result came in conformity with “Israeli” interests, then all is good. And if we ended up wasting more time, it is also good also and it serves the plans of aggregation and introversion that have not yet been developed.