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Ashura 2021


Imam Khamenei Marks Imam Khomeini’s 32nd Demise Anniversary: Islamic Revolution Stronger Than Ever

Imam Khamenei Marks Imam Khomeini’s 32nd Demise Anniversary: Islamic Revolution Stronger Than Ever
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By Staff

Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei delivered a speech on Friday marking the 32nd demise anniversary of late leader and founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini.

Hailing the many innovations of late Imam Khomeini, Imam Khamenei labelled the establishment of the Islamic Revolution as the most important one. “Imam Khomeini’s steadfastness and the victories scored by the Iranian people during the imposed war nullified all speculation about the failure of the Islamic Revolution,” His Eminence noted.

The Americans have clearly announced that the Islamic Republic won’t witness its 40th foundation anniversary, Imam Khamenei said, mocking the failure of such speculations and affirming that the Islamic Revolution neither collapsed nor diminished in the past decades, but instead turned stronger and more developed day after day.

His Eminence further underscored that the secret behind the steadfastness of the Islamic Revolution is the parallelism between the ‘Islamic’ and the ‘Republic’, which means the rule of people and Islam, pointing to that late Imam Khomeini believed in the strength of people, their capabilities, endurance and loyalty.

“The enemies haven’t been able to bear the establishment of the Islamic Republic since its inception. Those who predicted and talked about the demise of the Islamic Republic have failed,” Imam Khamenei underscored.

Imam Khomeini was a great person in various aspects, particularly in his religious knowledge, and he gained great success and eliminated many political and security obstacles in face of the revolution, His Eminence recalled.

Imam Khamenei explained that the secret of the revolution’s success lies in the 2 words “Republic” and “Islam”, pointing to that the Islamic Republic is developing and continues to do so.

“Islamic governance is clearly manifested in the Holy Quran, and Imam Khomeini followed this path in establishing the Islamic Republic, and all society members are responsible for the conditions of their society,” Imam Khamenei noted, lashing out at enemies who oppose the rule of Islam.

In reference to elections, Imam Khamenei made clear that the governance of Islam relies on people with religious knowledge, adding that the responsibility of people stems from the teachings of Holy Islam.

Echoing that Imam Khomeini managed to make the Iranian people master their own issues after suffering from absolute dictatorship, Imam Khomeini repeated that people are free to decide their own destiny.

Listing a few characteristics of Imam Khomeini, Imam Khamenei noted that the late founder’s project was able to make the Iranian people rule and master their destiny, and enjoy self-confident. “He saved the people, trusted them and their abilities, and brought them into the front,” adding that the Islamic Revolution today is a huge and solid tree, that no flood or hurricane can uproot.

“The words “republic” and “Islam” were considered by Imam Khomeini as main key to solving the country’s problems, minding that Islam calls for justice, and confronts arrogance and corruption.”

Islam also defends the oppressed and opposes class divisions, Imam Khamenei said.

Referring to elections as a manifestation of people’s governance, Imam Khamenei urged participation, recalling Imam Khomeini’s view that voting is religious duty and responsibility: “The Iranian people dealt with the divine gift that was established by late Imam Khomeini. They guarded and defended it in face of Iran's enemies.”

However, His Eminence lamented that some Iranian people were and are still repeating the words of the enemies, who have failed despite implementing security, political and economic conspiracies [against Iran]. He then hailed the Iranian people as they have thwarted the conspiracies that were plotted against them.

Conveying that the elections atmosphere is getting fierier with time, His Eminence cautioned that some people want-under various pretexts- to discourage the people.

Imam Khamenei warned that if frustration and mismanagement existed, it must be fixed by proper elections, not by boycott, urging the Iranian nation to trust action, not slogans: “Don’t be deceived by sweet words.”

Imam Khamenei stressed that the constitution is clear regarding the fact that that politicians should practice executive power, saying he expects that the Presidential candidates won’t make promises that cannot be fulfilled, urging them to “make clear promises.”

Candidates must be honest with the people and they mustn’t issue slogans that are inconsistent with their beliefs, His Eminence outlined, then referred to voters, telling them they must not only bear the responsibility by participating in the polls, but by urging others to do so.

While referring to the candidates’ responsibility to consider themselves committed to fighting corruption, smuggling and massive import, Imam Khamenei tackled the issue of accusations against people who were not granted eligibility to run for elections, stressing they are not true, and commanding the responsible bodies to compensate the families of the candidates whose eligibility has not been confirmed.

“We pray that this elections is blessed and that the enemies will be broken,” Imam Khamenei concluded.