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Hezbollah Deputy SG: May 2000 Liberation a Strategic Turning Point in the Struggle with ‘Israel’

Hezbollah Deputy SG: May 2000 Liberation a Strategic Turning Point in the Struggle with ‘Israel’
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By Staff

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that the liberation of 2000 was a strategic turning point in the struggle with the ‘Israeli’ enemy as it established a new phase whose features were not clear before.

In remarks for al-Nour Radio, Sheikh Qassem noted that “May’s victory revived and returned the determination for the Palestinian people to resist and confront, which means we are in front of a direct reflection the Palestinian brothers have based upon.”

On the eve of Lebanon’s 2000 liberation anniversary, Sheikh Qassem referred to former Lebanese President Emile Lahhoud as the President of the era of liberation and a partner in it, along with then-PM Salim al-Hoss who was keen on feeling the worries of resistance as well as supporting it.

“There isn’t any work of resistance that doesn’t need an embracing environment, which was represented in Amal Movement, Hezbollah, and their audiences, and the Lebanese Army. And we raised the slogan of the trilateral equation of People, Army, and Resistance, which is the joint resistance work we emphasize,” Sheikh Qassem said.

With respect to the latest Palestinian victory, Hezbollah Deputy SG also noted that “It is a strategic phase and a historic turning point, it is not a usual victory,” adding that “what the Palestinian resistance and people have achieved is a major thing upon which we will be founding from now on.”

As for the multi-front ‘Israeli’ military exercise which was called off and replaced by a military campaign, Sheikh Qassem said: “If on one front ‘Israel’ didn’t make any achievement, would it have succeeded in hitting several places related to the Axis of Resistance?”

His Eminence also hailed the Palestinian unity that blasted the ‘Israeli’ efforts over the past weeks to make Palestine a country of multiple causes instead of one cause, stressing that “the greatest title of victory today is that there is no more a part of Palestine that is not related to Palestine.”