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Ashura 2021


The Icon of ‘Lebanese Revolution’ is a Zionist Sympathizer!

The Icon of ‘Lebanese Revolution’ is a Zionist Sympathizer!
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By Zeinab Daher

Beirut - The infamous and notorious female that became an icon of the Lebanese washed-up protests turned to be a sympathizer with the nation’s enemy.

In a flashback to her history, Perla Joe Maalouly was spotted doing the criminal act of normalization with the Zionist entity’s military account on Twitter, in a reply to the so-called ‘Israel’ Defense Forces’ tweet that was praising the vigilance of Adi, an 18-year-old soldier that foiled a smuggling attempt of 40 guns from Lebanon into ‘Israel’.

Though setting some privacy to her account, and hiding replies from users who don’t share the ‘following’ privilege with her, we managed to track her reply on the tweet that dates back to October 3rd:

“From Lebanon I tell you, we are humanly, mentally and soulfully sick of this war. We want no guns being smuggled, nor airplanes on top of our heads. Part of us just want to live, love, heart fully interact and create and I’m sure that the same goes to part of you [flower],” she replied.

The same Perla, however, was featured in many videos, since the beginning of Lebnon protests, being super nasty to the Lebanese Army and Security Forces who were maintaining protection for protesters and other people on the streets while the so-called rebels were blocking the roads and hindering the living of thousands of the Lebanese people for two months so far.

Additionally, when two ‘Israeli’ spy drones breached the Lebanese sovereignty and entered Beirut’s southern suburb [Dahiyeh], Lebanese President Michel Aoun stated that what happened is a ‘declaration of war’ that allows us to turn to our right to defend our sovereignty, independence and safety of our lands.

Perla, the tenderhearted, replied to the head of state:

“We want peace, enough is enough.”

Here in this case, there are two options that would describe the status of this fierce defender of the demands of the ‘rebels’. Either she is a schizophrenic whose state of mind shifts between caring for the interests of her nationals and putting them above all, but still the poor Perla turns her back to defend also the enemy that occupied the lands of the same nationals and killed, detained and tortured thousands along its history of occupation of Lebanon; or, she does this on purpose, which must be considered a report to the concerned parties that deal with individuals practicing such a criminal act of normalizing ties with the ‘Israeli’ enemy, plus showing sympathy to them.

Until proving the opposite of the theory that considers those influencing the violent protests across Lebanon are dictated by foreign embassies, may God save Lebanon from the malicious intentions and its enemies’ interventions.