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Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Spokesman Talks to Al-Ahed about the Final Warning to the US

Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Spokesman Talks to Al-Ahed about the Final Warning to the US
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By Zeinab Daher

This will finally lead to fulfilling Allah’s promise and the words of Imam Khamenei that this is the final battle which will end up in eliminating ‘Israel.’

Beirut – In the wake of indications that the United States and the Zionist ‘Israeli’ regime were involved in recent attacks on Iraqi positions of pro-government Popular Mobilization Units, Spokesman of Kata'ib Hezbollah or Hezbollah Brigades resistance group in Iraq Mohammad Mohie talked to al-Ahed News about the party’s stances regarding the field situation, warning the US of a tough response had it committed any future attack against the country.

Targeting Iraq’s Sovereignty

In an exclusive interview with al-Ahed news website, Mr. Mohie made clear that there is no doubt that the latest attacks that targeted Iraq weren’t accidental. “They were rather guided and preplanned after observation and continued monitoring by spy drones whether they are American or as the ‘Israeli’ entity claims that they belong to it,” he stressed.

In all, there are targets the US is standing behind and wants to achieve, which are represented by weakening the Popular Mobilization Units [Hashd al-Shaabi] and the resistance factions, end their role in running the security issue as part of the Iraqi security system, and empty their weapons stock perhaps for a future phase through which the US is planning to bring Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group], as it always hints to the possibility of Daesh’s return with the presence of thousands of militants on the Iraqi-Syrian border, he further elaborated.

According to the Iraqi resistance official, all of the previous goals make the US aim unachievable without such practices. Additionally, the US is trying to fulfill its goal through the ‘Israeli’ entity so that it evades responsibility not to be dragged to reactions by Iraqi resistance factions. This is why ‘Israel’ always suggests being behind such strikes.

“What do we care for is not who carried out those strikes, whether it is ‘Israel’ or the United States, we hold the US the full responsibility of those strikes because it has the goals, the will and predetermination to confront the Hashd and exclude it from the Iraqi security equation.”

Conflicting Stances at Home

Responding to a question about the conflicting stances inside the Iraqi milieu, Mr. Mohie was confident to explain that there are many pressures exerted against the Iraqi political forces, the government and some Iraqi sides to prevent them from making decisive stances against the US presence on the first hand, and against those standing behind those strikes, which will consequently lead to condemning the US and demanding to oust it from Iraq.

“This would be difficult to be made due to the lack of will and courage to confront the US. Those pressures arte banning the leaderships from taking a decisive stance that would clear things up,” he concluded on this matter.

Regarding the communication issue of the Anbar Operations Commander “Mahmoud al-Falahi”, the man stressed that the Iraqi government won’t be able to make a decision on the matter for clear reasons, because the decision will denounce the US and will consequently lead to heading to the Parliament for making a law that ousts the US, in addition to heading to the United Nations Security Council to denounce it.

“All of this won’t happen due to the lack of will among the political forces and the Iraqi government to reach this apparently difficult level of direct confrontation with the US and impose the Iraqi government and people’s will on it minding the necessity of ending its presence in Iraq.”

The Final Warning

By observing the conflicting reactions, which the man considers don’t suit the situation on the ground, the Hezbollah Brigades found them very weak and improper given the level of threat Iraq is being subjected to.

“There is an open war waged by the US and ‘Israel’ against Iraq, its security forces and the Hashd as well as other factions. There must have been strong stances against this open war.”

Perhaps the only strong and decisive statement was made by the PMU’s second-in-command Haj Abu Mahdi al-Muhandiss, Mr. Mohie explained, adding that the Hezbollah Brigades made their final warning to the US to make everything clear.

“To make the US face the reality, we should have issued this direct accusation since it bears responsibility, it controls the Iraqi bases, the Iraqi airspace, it directly cooperates with the ‘Israeli entity and stresses every time that its presence is to defend the security and existence of the ‘Israeli’ entity against the axis of resistance.”

He further added that it was the reason the resistance movement made this statement to test the US and all other parties that are trying to make use of the Iraqi situation to denounce the strikes against the Iraqi resistance factions and the Hashd.

“There might be future plots to target leaderships, national forces and symbols, and even the holy shrines to create sectarian strife and involve Iraq in new civil wars,” he warned.

The Hezbollah Brigades spokesman stressed that the final warning was meant to deter the US: “But today, we could not expect what would happen had all the Iraqi political forces and resistance factions and the Hashd remained silent in front of this terrible deterioration in confronting such challenges and continued aggression against Iraq’s sovereignty, security forces and the Hashd.”

We believe that the message has been clear to the US. The Americans understand the nature of Hezbollah Brigades and its response, and they have experienced it during the 2003 occupation. They have to take this statement seriously because there will consequently be a tough and true response to any future attack against any target of our security forces whether under an ‘Israeli’, American or other cover. At the end of the day, the US is responsible and will bear the brunt of any repercussions, the man stressed.

Iraq's Official Stance

Regarding any possible official Iraqi response to the continued aggressions targeting Iraq’s sovereignty, Mr. Mohie was frank to say that the Hezbollah Brigades don’t believe that there is a possibility for it on the security forces level. 

“Perhaps they would show that they will respond to any foreign strike whether ‘Israeli’ or not. However, confronting the US forces or responding to the ‘Israeli’ warplanes, I think it is unlikely in the time being as a result of the US pressure and fear of the American arrogance.”

He went on to say that “in fact, the Iraqi parties today are at a crossroad. Actually, they didn’t take advantage of the great achievement of confronting Daesh to be able to impose the equation of deterrence and strength and force the US to deal with Iraq as a similar state that has its own capabilities. The US attempted to return and control Iraq considering it a weak state. It brought its forces to control its security and airspace.”

Meanwhile, there isn’t any official Iraqi power capable of confronting the US military, and not even make a decision because they are willing to get involved in a confrontation amid the complicated circumstances in Iraq, Mr. Mohie concluded on this issue.

The Battle of New Front?

Whether we are facing the battle of new front, which is being talked about by the leaders of the axis of resistance, Mr. Mohie stressed that the battle is still ongoing and didn’t stop over years. “The conspiracy of Daesh was a clear front composed of the US, the ‘Israeli’ entity, Saudi Arabia and all other related forces that presented Daesh as a front in the face of the axis of resistance to divide the region. We faced this plot and foiled it. But this war is still ongoing and won’t stop.”

Perhaps it became clearer nowadays, he said, with the direct US hostility to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the axis of resistance, the Iraqi factions and the Hashd, in addition to the ‘Israeli’ entity’s involvement as a direct player whether in Syria strikes or its further expansion in targeting Iraq and declaring directly and indirectly that all fields are open to its strikes and aggression.

Hereby, the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades announced that “we are at a continued war with two poles: the first is represented by the global arrogance led by the US and ‘Israel’ and the second is led by the Islamic Republic of Iran, of which we are a part.”

The battle will continue until it reaches the final stage of pushing them to get involved in more foolishness with perhaps wider space of confrontation, Mr. Mohie said.

This will finally lead to fulfilling Allah’s promise and the words of our leaders and Imam Ali Khamenei that this is the final battle which will end up in eliminating ‘Israel,’ the resistance official concluded.


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