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Rouhani: Iranians Will Be The Ultimate Winners of Any War Against The Islamic Republic

Rouhani: Iranians Will Be The Ultimate Winners of Any War Against The Islamic Republic
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By Staff, Agencies

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reaffirmed that Iran does not seek war with any state, but stresses that the Iranian nation will be the ultimate winner of any warfare against the Islamic Republic.

“We will not wage war with any nation, those facing us are a group of politicians with little experience,” said Rouhani, addressing an inauguration ceremony at the Imam Khomeini International Airport [IKIA] in southern Tehran on Tuesday.

Rouhani’s comment came a day after acting US War Secretary Patrick Shanahan announced the deployment of about 1,000 more troops to the Middle East amid escalating tensions with Iran.

Tehran has time and again said that it does not seek military confrontations with the United States, yet stands ready to defend its interests in the region.

Rouhani further slammed attempts by enemies to pile up economic pressure against the Iranian nation to create despair among the people.

He said the ill-wishers have launched a “war of hope and wills” against the Iranian nation, adding that the enemies are attempting to create despair among the Iranian nation through malicious schemes.

Iranians are, however, determined to defeats such plots and keep their hope alive, Rouhani said, stressing that the Iranian people “will be the ultimate winner of this war and pressure.”

Iran has been witnessing new economic and social progress despite all the enemy pressure, he added.

“Despite all of the Americans’ attempts in the region and their intention to cut off our ties with the entire world and their desire to isolate Iran, they have been unsuccessful,” Rouhani stressed.

The world community, he added, praises Iran’s stance in its face-off with America.

“Iran has been loyal to its signature, Iran has been loyal to international agreements, and the one standing against us today is the one that has trampled all pacts, agreements and international accords,” he noted, referring to Washington’s withdrawal from a 2015 multilateral nuclear deal with Tehran.