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Lieberman: I Have No Commitment to Crown Netanyahu

Lieberman: I Have No Commitment to Crown Netanyahu
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By Staff, Agencies

Former “Israeli” War Minister and leader of Yisrael Beytenu party, Avigdor Lieberman, said on Tuesday that he will not commit to recommend Benjamin Netanyahu as the next prime minister in the September 17 elections.

"I have no commitment to crown Netanyahu. My first commitment is first of all that the right-wing wins, [and] secondly that a liberal national government be established, not an ultra-Orthodox- Hardali government," Lieberman said.

"There are no personal elections. I know it's convenient for Netanyahu to present it as if it is a direct election. Ultimately you don't vote for a person. You vote for a party," he added.

Netanyahu called new elections last month after he failed to form a majority government. Lieberman refused to join the right-wing coalition without a commitment to passing a draft law for ultra-Orthodox students, causing Netanyahu to label Lieberman as part of the "left-wing".

The issue of drafting ultra-Orthodox students to the army is highly sensitive in the “Israeli” army and the legislation is opposed by ultra-Orthodox parties, who won 16 seats in the April 9 elections and are a key part of Netanyahu's alliance.

While Lieberman refused to "commit to crown Netanyahu", he also reiterated his pledge not to join the Blue & White party in a government, ridiculing the very idea of such a scenario.

"Their [Blue & White] only chance to form a government is at the North Pole along with the bears," Lieberman said on Tuesday.