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Cancer Runs Rampant among “Prisoners of Conscience” in Saudi Arabia

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By Staff

Prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia suffer from the worst kinds of torture and oppression in a kingdom run by an authority that uses all kinds of oppression and tyranny against those opposing it.

Harsh practices vary between delaying their trials, blocking contact and communication among them, not to mention beating and torturing them with all illegitimate means. The newest among such practices was announced on the “Prisoners of Conscience” Twitter account as reporting that cancer is running rampant inside the prisons, causing decay in the bodies of the detainees.

The account further explained that cancer is spreading on a wide scale among political prisoners and activists who have been behind bars several months ago, namely skin and stomach cancers.

Besides, the outbreak of the disease is caused by neglecting the cleanliness of the “food dishes the prisoners are served, and intending not to clean the cells in a sufficient manner.”

Since last Thursday, the Saudi authorities started a new arresting campaign against many activists, in which many opposition members have been detained citing their anti-detention opinion. This comes in the course of aborting any potential opposition to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.