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Because Friends Are Always There For You: Several Arab Leaders Congratulated Netanyahu on Elections Win!

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By Staff

Since friends are always there for each other, many Arab and Muslim leaders congratulated Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his election win.

The news was reported by Netanyahu himself on Tuesday.

As far as blind eyes are turned to all humanitarian values and principles, there is no surprise to congratulate a leader of the enemy entity that occupies Palestinian lands and starves people of Gaza, not to mention all the war crimes committed during his rule.

In addition to the Palestinian lands, the ‘Israeli’ apartheid entity still occupies parts of Lebanese Shebaa Farms, Syrian Golan Heights, Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and Jordanian West Bank.

Speaking at an event organized by the Likud party following the elections, Netanyahu said: "I'm not talking about one or two leaders … it’s a window to a better future, to hope, all of this is based on the fact that we have turned ‘Israel’ into an up-and-coming world power … a strong, independent and progressive [state],” he claimed.