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Former European Leaders Oppose the ‘Deal of the Century’: Unfair To Palestinians

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By Staff, Agencies

In anticipation for the long awaited release of US President Donald Trump's Mideast so-called "deal of the century," former senior European politicians of governments and European institutions, published a letter calling for the rejection of the proposed plan.

Relatively, the Washington Post is reporting that the US administration's plan does not include the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and will focus heavily on ‘Israeli’ security concerns.

According to the report, Jared Kushner and other US officials have linked peace and economic development to Arab recognition of the Zionist entity as well as to an acceptance of a Palestinian "autonomy," as opposed to "sovereignty."

In a letter sent to the Guardian newspaper, former high-ranking European politicians called on Europe to reject the expected plan unless it is fair to the Palestinians.

The letter that was signed by 25 former foreign ministers, six former prime ministers, and two former NATO secretary generals, calls for a so-called ‘two-state’ solution in which the Zionist entity and Palestinian states live side by side.

The former leaders consider, the US has departed from long standing policies and has "demonstrated a disturbing indifference to ‘Israeli’ settlement expansion."