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Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’ To Be Unveiled Only after Netanyahu Forms His Coalition

Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’ To Be Unveiled Only after Netanyahu Forms His Coalition
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By Staff, Agencies

The new alleged peace plan between the Zionist entity and the Palestinians expected to be imminently unveiled by US President Donald Trump’s administration won’t be revealed until after Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who just secured his record-breaking fifth consecutive term on Tuesday, forms his new coalition.

The plan, whose contents have been kept closely guarded over the past two years, has only been seen regularly by four members of the delegation appointed by Trump, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, to avoid any leaks and “to ensure people approach it with an open mind,” Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing a senior administration official.

Apparently Trump himself hasn’t even seen the plan in its entirety.

“He is briefed if something interesting is happening or there is an idea they want to run by him,” the official told Reuters.

The report comes on the heels of a high-stakes national election in the Zionist entity, which saw Netanyahu grasping to his seat, and which would determine when the long-anticipated peace proposal will be unveiled.

Trump congratulated the long-reigning premier once the results were finalized on Wednesday, adding that Washington’s plan had a “better chance” with Netanyahu.

"Everyone said you can't have peace in the Middle East between ‘Israel’ and the Palestinians," Trump told reporters.  "I think we have a chance, and I think we have now a better chance with Bibi having won."

Meanwhile, Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton on Wednesday morning told Hugh Hewitt radio that he estimates the administration's "Deal of the Century" will be released "in the very near future."

"We’ve been working, President Trump, Jared Kushner and others, for a couple of years now on a Middle East peace plan. We’ve been in the preparatory stages to getting it ready. And I think we’re going to see that coming out in the very near future," Bolton said, though he did not specify a date.

Earlier on Monday, an ‘Israeli’ television report said the deal drawn up by Trump's team could be ready to present by mid-June, despite expectations it would be published imminently following the Zionist elections on Tuesday.