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Summer of Victories 2019


Thirty Years in Support of the Resistance and its Victories

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Fatima Deeb

Beirut - Three decades on and the Islamic Resistance Support Association is in the prime of giving, of striving between the jihad of the soul and the jihad through wealth, and of the ultimate task entrusted to it as one of the most dangerous axis of the greater jihad.

Today, thirty years since its founding, the Association stands as a ray of hope in the heart of an unwavering battle that never dwindles.

The Support Association: Support for Jihad

The words, ‘the pulse of the resistance’, sum up the main concept on which the Islamic Resistance Support Association [IRSA] was founded. The idea was to find a pillar of financial and cultural support to keep pace with the work of the resistance, an organization that would identify with its reality, spread its culture, raise the banner of its victories, and open a field for jihad – in essence fighting the same battle.

It was a mere idea, an idea that stemmed from the bond of culture, environment and fervor as well as the love and the will to participate even remotely. That’s all it was. But then, it was transformed into a fundamental jihadist project that the resistance’s work, jihad and great mission relied on. The resistance depended on it when it came to the qualitative aspects of the battle against the enemy.

In 1990, the Islamic Resistance Support Association received an official license from the Lebanese Ministry of Interior. It began its work throughout Lebanon, until it became the strongest and most reliable link between the Mujahideen and the society.

"The institution has become an essential part of the resistance’s work after it emerged as a natural response to the popular consciousness within the society of the resistance," said the director of media activities in the association, Hajj Ahmad Zaineddine. "Since its establishment, those involved have tried to make the association diverse and integrated, culturally and socially and financially, and enable it to participate in jihad and chart the course of victories."

The Association Is More Than Just Support

The role of the association is no longer limited to a specific objective. The idea was simple in form, but complex in content and meaning. Therefore, with the development of the role of the resistance and its expansion, the association was required to keep pace. So the roles and tasks became greater, and the activities of the association were divided into more than one file.

The activities breakdown as follows:

- Monthly donations

- General donations

- Legal rights

- The resistance’s collection boxes

- The model

- Equip a Mujahid

The above have different names but are assimilated when it comes jihad and resistance as well as the great causes of Al-Quds and occupied Palestine. The association allocates an avenue of support for the Palestinian cause. The funds go to the Palestinian resistance fighters. In addition to the aforementioned, the Equip a Mujahid program played a key role in a very important process. It opened an avenue for many to become semi-equipped and armed resistance fighters in the battlefield.

The director of the women's activities, Hajja Um Mahdi Badreddine, tells Al-Ahed News Website "the aim of several projects is to find the appropriate link between the resistance and its society."

"Women's activities vary between hosting breakfasts to breaking the fasts to jihadi trips as well as participating in equipping the resistance fighters and other forms of participation in supporting the choice of the resistance and standing by its side,” she added.

The Association That Resists

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the association, Hezbollah’s Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, will deliver a speech. No doubt, he will talk briefly about the association’s supportive role but with meaningful words. The association certainly proved to everyone that standing on the side of righteousness can take many forms. It also proved that support can come from one’s self, money, education, laying the groundwork and participating. It also proved that what the association does is from Allah’s holy book and no doubt based on the following verses: {And strive with your wealth and your lives … }.