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‘Israel’ Warns: Gaza Health System on Verge of Collapse

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By Staff, Haaretz

The serious condition of Gaza’s health system – on the verge of collapse – would make it difficult for the ‘Israeli’ occupation army to fight in the Strip for long and could lead to intense international intervention, Zionist military officials warned in an assessment presented to the so-called ‘security’ cabinet.

Relatively, wounded Palestinians would not be able to receive initial medical care. According to senior ‘Israeli’ officials, it would be difficult to wage war and receive international support for the operation.

The report came as all Zionist parties try to come to an arrangement for the Gaza Strip that would maintain long-term quiet.

The Zionist entity has already received a report on the health situation from an international medical agency, which entered the Strip to assess the condition of Gazans wounded by ‘Israeli’ fire.

The report shows that around 6,000 people with bullet wounds are still awaiting urgent operations. Most of the wounded are not receiving proper medical care and a quarter have developed bone infections that if untreated will lead to amputations. At this point there is no agency that could treat those thousands of people.

The report further cautioned that Gaza is seriously short of doctors, particularly specialists, because any physician who could find work in another country has emigrated.

Gaza hospitals are missing 60 percent of their required drugs, particularly generic drugs, antibiotics and painkillers.

Every week hundreds of wounded people come to the hospitals following the demonstrations along the occupied border fence, dozens of them with bullet wounds, joining the 30,000 others who have already been shot.