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Zarif Criticizes US Blind Policies in the Region

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Releasing a photo of the US President Donald Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton, wearing virtual reality goggles allegedly reconstructing the past on a tour in the “Israeli”-occupied holy city of al-Quds, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described as blind the policies adopted by the White House in the region.

'It's said a picture says a thousand words. This picture, however, says more than a thousand words about decades of failed US policies in our region,' Zarif tweeted on Monday night.

'In the valley of the blind, even those with VR glasses are still blind,' Zarif added.

Earlier, the Iranian diplomat urged the US administration to be at least less lawless, saying, “We will not talk to anybody who sets 12 conditions for us to talk to them after having violated a Security Council resolution that they have sponsored themselves.”

“If anybody is to meet conditions, they are the ones who are supposed to meet the conditions by becoming less lawless. I am not asking them to be lawful because that is asking them for the impossible; at least they become less lawless,” he added.

Trump announced on May 8, 2018 the withdrawal from the nuclear deal signed with Iran, which was condemned by other parties to the 2015 agreement and their emphasis to stay in the landmark international deal.

Source: IRNA, Edited by website team