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Sheikh Qassem: «Israeli» Home Front, Including Tel Aviv, Are In Range of Resistance Missiles

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Mokhtar Haddad

“Israel’s” home front, including Tel Aviv, are in range of the Resistance’s missiles, according to Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General.

In an interview with Iran’s Arabic-language newspaper al-Vefagh, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem also confirmed that “the rules of engagement established by Hezbollah in Lebanon and “Israel’s” rules of deterrence have greatly complicated the idea of initiating an “Israeli” war against Lebanon."

He believes that the political solution in Syria depends on the American position and views events in Yemen as a US-Saudi crime.

Meanwhile, in response to a question about the Zionist enemy’s efforts to target the resistance in the Gaza Strip, Sheikh Qassem explains that there were efforts to find an atmosphere of calm in Gaza.”

 “The two sides [“Israelis” and Palestinians] had agreed on calm. The “Israelis” wanted to carry out a military operation that they claimed was separate from the truce in order to create new rules of engagement. The Palestinian leaders of all the factions operating in Gaza met and took a bold and courageous decision to respond to this enemy even if it developed into a war," he said.

"The Palestinians cannot surrender to the ‘Israeli’ enemy’s rules of engagement since ‘Israeli’ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not ready to fight a war and does not know the consequences of this war," Sheikh Qassem added.

"Netanyahu's home front will be damaged," he continued. "This is his weakness."

According to Hezbollah’s deputy chief, Netanyahu was quick to acknowledge the results, which reflected the success of the Palestinian resistance. It had military and political consequences including the resignation of Avigdor Lieberman.

"The Palestinian resistance was able to create a new equation that will persist. This will greatly relieve the Strip and protect it from surprises," Sheikh Qassem said.

The group’s secretary general explained that "before the Gaza operation and the success of the resistance factions, it was out of the question for the Zionist enemy to take military action against Lebanon. Since 2006, it has been deterred by the Islamic. However, [Hezbollah] will respond to aggressions and such a response and counter-response could potentially lead to war."

"The ‘Israeli’ home front, including Tel Aviv, is now in range of the resistance’s missiles. There is not a single point in the occupied territories out of reach of Hezbollah’s missiles," Sheikh Qassem stressed.  

"The Zionists’ discourse shows that war with Lebanon is out of the question for them," he said. "In their threats and analyses, they say ‘if Hezbollah attacks us’ they will react. So they are not initiating. The rules of engagement created by Hezbollah in Lebanon and ‘Israel’s’ rules of deterrence made it very hard for ‘Israel’ to initiate a war against Lebanon."

The political solution to the Syrian crisis depends on the American position

Sheikh Qassem also tackled developments in Syria saying that the situation there “is improving day by day”.

“Now the achievements of the Syrian state, the Syrian army and the allies exist on the ground. And everyone is familiar with those [achievements]," he stated.

He emphasized that a political solution is necessary but that one has not been agreed to yet because the US – a key party in the political process – is hindering any form of resolution.

"If the US position is not made clear, it will be difficult to have a political solution," Sheikh Qassem said.  

He also asserted that "[Syria] is waiting for things that will help start the dialogue to unfold."

"It is true that there will be a period of waiting, but the Syrian state is working and carrying out its duties as if there is no problem," he affirmed. "This is an important point for President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian administration."

The war on Yemen is a Saudi-American crime

Regarding the situation in Yemen, Sheikh Qassem said that "Saudi Arabia is part of the American project."

"The existence of this royal family, its dominance and the theft of public funds in Saudi Arabia enjoy the cover of American extortion," he added.

“Huge sums of money were paid publicly to US President Donald Trump. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman and the King decided to pay the US 450 billion dollars for weapons. This is, in fact, the price of American protection for Saudi Arabia," Sheikh Qassem noted.

"Saudi Arabia is not administering people and society. It is rather practicing injustice. It is after money, power and control. It saw that its duty was to control Yemen," he explained. "The weapons are American. The guidance and all the details come from the Americans."

Hezbollah’s second-in-command views "what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen as a Saudi-American crime."

Sheikh Qassem also discussed the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi saying, "This issue has taken this dimension due to internal American and European matters."

"Whoever compares this issue with what is going on in Yemen should have been moved three years ago, not just now," he said. "This move did not happen because it was required from Saudi Arabia to take what it wants from the Yemeni people, who will not give in and will emerge victorious."

When Trump failed against Iran, he canceled the nuclear deal and began imposing sanctions

As for the US attack on Iran and the re-introduction of sanctions, the deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah stressed that "the American attack on Iran is the result of the latter’s ability to succeed and overcome difficulties."

"When Iran overcomes a obstacle, America tries to put a new obstacle down the road," he added.  "When America agreed to the nuclear deal, it believed that this would limit Iran's achievements. But Trump found this to be incorrect. He reacted by cancelling the nuclear deal and imposing sanctions."

The formation of the Lebanese government waits for Saad Hariri’s decision

Regarding the formation of the Lebanese government, Sheikh Qassem said, "We are waiting for Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri’s decision to take the appropriate step regarding the representation of the six Sunni deputies and make one of them a minister. We are waiting for this decision to be resolved. There is nothing new.

“If this issue were to be resolved, a government will he declared,” he concluded.

Source: Al-Vefagh, Translated by website team