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Does Trump Represent the US?

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Hussein Samawarchi

Greatness has to do with concepts of education, honesty, virtue, and ethics. When one pursues greatness or at least claims, publicly, that he is in its pursuit, you would expect him to seek it by improving the mentioned traits.

Trump says he wants to make America great again; it is what he used as a slogan during the presidential campaign and still repeats now and then. Almost two years into his presidency have passed. What has he done to make good of his promise?

Education has not become cheaper to attain. Now, more than ever, students graduate university with a backbreaking debt and many cannot get a higher education due to their inability to secure a loan. Honesty is not something in which Trump displays high aptitude; he is thought to be the president who has the highest record of lies. According to a Washington Post September 2018 analysis, he is recorded to have made in excess of 5,000 false or misleading statements.

Virtue is as foreign to Trump as the peak of Mount Everest to a tropical fish. His scandals surface on almost weekly basis. If it is not something outrageous he has done, it’s something insulting he has said. As for ethics, leave that to the people who have worked closely with him to describe how he has no clue of what the word means.

How has he made America great again? His supporters would probably say that he has done it by creating more jobs for them. He, on the other hand, says he is doing it by accepting deals from Mohamed Bin Salman. That is to say, selling arms to kill Yemeni children means that America needs to produce more of those arms. Hence, Trump’s pursuit of greatness lies in paying his supporters to create what ends the lives of three-year-old girls. Literally.

Is this what happened to the Jews during the first half of the previous century? Did America turn a blind eye to concentration camps in Europe because it meant more jobs caused by a war thirsty for a huge spectrum of products, from steel screws to warships?

If so, we know Trump did not exist then, at least not this generation of Trump. The Zionist government mafia did though. The same one that put innocent Jews in harm’s way, the one that planned their holocaust is the one that brought this president to power.

But, this is not about the Zionist deep government in the United States. It is about Trump.

He confesses, blatantly, that profit margins derived from Saudi Arabia must not be jeopardized because of the death of 85,000 children under the age of five since 2015. The executions of Saudi minors and women for no reason is not a disturbing matter for Trump. Neither is assassinating journalists at Saudi consulates.

This is the man who wants to make America great again. These are the ethical standards of the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal.”

So, the nation that prides itself with Benjamin Franklin’s approach to education, George Washington’s honest confession about a cherry tree, Abraham Lincoln’s virtues, and the ethical standards of the judicial system is being all but changed into a big heartless corporation with a CEO who took on the job only so he can have a television hit show called “Running the White House” after he is done with his term of shame. And, it is no secret how much Trump loves starring on TV.

Adolf Hitler maintained a ruthless security force that eliminated anyone with a different opinion in his country. He engaged in a bloody war. He employed a propaganda machine to elevate his status to divinity. He had no regards to human rights. He appointed himself as guardian of his country’s national wealth. This all applies to Bin Salman.

Trump, in his capacity as leader of over 300 million US nationals, supports Bin Salman.

I wonder, does America really believe that Trump is leading it to become great again? Are Americans comfortable with what will be written about their country in future world history books?

Source: Al-Ahed News