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Zionist Officer: We Are Living Through The Most Precarious Security Stage Since 1973

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Occupied Palestine

A senior reserve officer in the Zionist army attacked “Israel’s” political leadership following the most recent escalation in the Gaza Strip. He accused it of focusing on its political future at the expense of “Israel’s” security.

Brigadier-General (Reserve), Zvika Fogel, who previously served as the “Israeli” army’s chief of staff of the southern region told Maariv newspaper that "Israel" is living through the most precarious security stage since the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

"This political leadership has caused us to lose the ability to deter Hamas in Gaza because their chairs are more important than the future of our security," the officer was quoted as saying.

"Hamas's deterrence against “Israel” in the last round of fighting is more effective than the strength of the “Israeli” shield. We fought against three Arab countries 40 years ago and we won. Today, we are not able to defeat Hamas," Fogel added.

"We have displayed operational weakness and ineffectiveness during the last round of fighting with Hamas. In the end, the [war] minister resigned," he said. "What can we do to deter Hamas?"

Source: Al-Ahed, Occupied Palestine