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Al-Hassan: A Child Conceived With Smuggled Sperm Embraces His Father Outside The Occupation’s Prison

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Occupied Palestine

The sun of freedom has risen for 33-years old Tamer Al-Zaanin. He wore his military uniform and strapped his weapon near the Beit Hanoun crossing. The first thing he looked for was his son Al-Hassan. Al-Hassan was raised while his father was imprisoned for 12 years. He was conceived with sperm smuggled from the prisons of the “Israeli” occupation. He grew up only knowing his father from pictures. Today he is meeting him in person.

Great joy, pleasure, hugs and nostalgia dominated the first meeting between the former detainee Tamer Al-Zaanin and his eldest son al-Hassan, who was born five years ago.

"I cannot describe what is going on in my chest. I'm very happy. I spent years, hours, minutes, dreaming of this meeting as I embrace my eldest son al-Hassan, Al-Hamdullilah [thank God]," says al-Zaanin. "Sperm smuggling is a challenge to the Zionist enemy, who believes that by arresting us, they can end our lives and deprive us of paternity."

Al-Zaanin was the first prisoner from the Gaza Strip to smuggle his semen out of a detention facility.

"We will continue our resistance and our jihad in all ways and fight with all the tools available. The occupation will not deprive us of bearing children, whether we are inside or outside the prisons," he said.

Happiness overwhelmed the family of the former detainee after Tamer’s release. The scene of jubilation included Takbir, ululating, a display of decorations and scattering flower petals rejoicing his return and the reunion after a long separation.

Hana, the freed detainee’s wife, says, "when my husband was arrested in 2006, we were only married for two months. I was patient and bore the bitterness and difficulties until the idea of sperm smuggling came up. Thank God, we were blessed with al-Hassan."

"My joy today with Tamer’s release is indescribable. It is as beautiful as my joy when my child Hassan was born," she adds.

"I am so happy and overjoyed with my son’s return following a long absence." Tamer’s mother says. "This is the family’s second joy after the birth of al-Hassan."

Al-Zaanin’s mother hoped that the families of other prisoners who are waiting for children from smuggled sperm be overjoyed the way her family was. She also expressed her hope that the tragedy of the prisoners and their suffering end with their release.

Semen smuggling by Palestinian prisoners from “Israeli” jails to the outside world is one of the recent battles the detainee is fighting against his Zionist jailer. It started in 2012 in Gaza and the West Bank.

The head of the media department in the Mohjat al-Quds institution Yasser Saleh says, "after the arrest of the Palestinian prisoners, the Zionist occupation ends their lives and kills them mentally and physically by issuing unjust sentences, which may last for decades."

"Palestinian prisoners spend their youth in “Israeli” prisons. They do not enjoy their lives. Sperm smuggling supports their steadfastness. It also strengthens the hopes of their families and wives," he explains.  "Smuggled sperm poses a form of qualitative and creative confrontation in the face of the occupation."

Statistics from the Prisoners of Palestine Center for Studies found that 23 prisoners have experienced childbearing through sperm smuggling since early 2015. In 2016, 28 successfully had 38 children. The number rose to 44 detainees who had 56 children in 2017. This year, 61 children were delivered using in-vitro fertilization.

Source: Al-Ahed, Occupied Palestine