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Syrian Army: S-300 Deliveries Minimized Possibility of “Israeli” Attacks’ Success

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Deliveries of Russian S-300 air defense systems to Syria did not nullify the risks of new attacks by “Israel”, but minimized the possibility of their success, according to Syrian Army political bureau head Brig. Gen. Hasan Ahmad Hasan.

"There is no concept of zero probability in military strategy. We cannot say that this probability has been reduced to zero. Because we are talking about open skies, extended borders, various technologies… Therefore, I cannot say that in the end there will not be such a probability, however, the probability of this aggression achieving its goals has been minimized," Hasan told an interview with Sputnik, when asked about the possibility of new “Israeli” attacks against Syria following the S-300 deliveries.

On October 2, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia had completed its delivery of new S-300 systems to Syria, including 49 units of systems-related equipment such as radars, basic target acquisition systems, command posts and four launchers.

Earlier, a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft was downed by a missile launched by Syria's S-200 air defense system. The Syrian system was responding to “Israeli” F-16 jets that were attacking the facilities in the Syrian province of Latakia.

Source: Sputnik, Edited by website team