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Hezbollah Denounces US Methods Regarding Palestine

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Local Editor

With regard to the series of hostile American stances against the Palestinians, Hezbollah issued the following statement:

The US administration continues its aggression against the Palestinian Cause, using all the dirty methods: the decision to transfer the US Embassy to occupied al-Quds [Jerusalem], halting funds to humanitarian organizations sponsoring refugees, as well as oppressing and besieging the Palestinian people in an increasingly conspiratorial manner so as to pressure them into giving up their rights and settling their cause.

The termination of aid to the Palestinian refugees confirms that what the US offers under glittery humanitarian titles is pure lies, that aims to influence the people’s decisions to gain influence as well as political and colonial values no more and no less.

The US administration has always claimed that it is a friend of the Palestinian people and that they are partners in the settlement process. However, the moment of truth has revealed that the US has no friend nor ally in this world except “Israel” and its interests.

On this occasion, we renew our call to the governments and peoples of the world to comprehend the deception-based reality and role of the US. Accordingly, Trump came to practice in public what the successive US administrations pursued in secret.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated by website team