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Hezbollah Slams Bolton’s Threats: US is A Gang that Runs World According to its Interests

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Local Editor

Commenting on US National Security Advisor John Bolton’s threats to the International Criminal Court and considering the US Constitution over all international and constitutional organizations in the world, Hezbollah issued the following statement:

John Bolton's statements revealed the fact that the American attitude toward world countries and international organizations has put an end to the long deceit of successive American administrations against all humanity.

Regardless of the UN Security Council and the United Nations’ weak role in face of the arrogant states, their inability to deter them, and neglecting the exclusivity of the Security Council's resolutions to a number of countries, the United States and its national security adviser have declared themselves to be above all considerations.

To them, the slogans of international law and the international community are nothing but nonsense that they use for their own interests.

They only recognize them when they are a tool for their colonial and authoritarian purposes.

Bolton's statements assert that American policy is based on the confiscation of world constitutions, the refusal to obey international laws and organizations, as well as the logic prevailing the American mentality is based on not giving the right to the weak but on the jungle’s law that glorifies power and oppresses the oppressed.

Bolton’s statements as well as Trump’s actions demonstrate to the world that the United States is only a gang that runs the world according to its interests, hatreds and whims.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated by website team