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Thank You Sayyed Hadi

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Hussein Samawarchi

Leaders preach about the need to join military campaigns to the youth of the country and do it in a most charismatic fashion. They bang one fist on the speech podium and raise the other over their head while explaining how much of a duty it is to give the ultimate sacrifice. In most cases, those drafted, end up committing massacres – Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Bosnia, Vietnam, and the list goes on. In many cases, they return home in a body bag. Never the leader or his kin though; draft dodging is a big thing for the men who send other people’s children to spiritual and physical doom.

[Hezbollah Secretary General His eminence] Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is a man who knew, and still does, every single aspect of the field. He is aware of the complexity of the military situation where every Lebanese grain of sand exists. This is because of the Resistance’s strategic nature; although the honor of martyrdom is a highly sought-after goal, the leadership never places members in losing situations. Tactical intelligence rules resistance operations beginning with preparation stages up until execution and return to base.

The word “Dispensable” does not exist in Hezbollah’s dictionary.

Still, the liberation of a country can be hardly achieved by throwing roses and rice on occupying forces. Maybe try negotiations but that is impossible with an occupier who boasts a mile-long rap sheet written with the blood of endless civilians. Armed resistance is the answer and that does not come without risk.

The man who knows all the risks, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, did not object to his firstborn’s request to join the ranks of the Resistance; specific orders were given to treat the young man like any other son of loving parents who chose to defend Lebanon.

The son of the Secretary-General who leads the only Arab force that brought “Israel” to its knees was martyred. Sayyed Hassan’s reaction was giving gratitude to God for allowing him to join the league of other parents of martyred heroes. He gave the most precious gift of life to Lebanon.

Any father or mother would understand the emotional value of a child and how devastating it is to lose that child. Sayyed Hassan taught the world that it was not a loss, that the martyrdom of his beloved gentle natured son was a gain for the cause of all the oppressed of the world, for the resistance, and for Lebanon. Most importantly, a gain for young Hadi himself who has joined the honored few who are fortunate enough to walk behind the lord of the martyrs, Imam Hussein (AS).

Hadi Nasrallah’s martyrdom was a message to the people of the world. The content was simple and yet strong: The children of those sending your own to war are not more precious than yours.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s reaction was also a message. It conveyed that the country and its independence are more precious than any of us; including himself and his family. It also told people that a true leader looks at everyone equally. “Israel” kept Hadi’s body and refused to hand it over to the Red Cross to deliver to his family for proper burial. There is no doubt that they tried to negotiate over it but the Secretary-General refused to set his son apart from other people’s children after martyrdom just like he did when his son was still in active duty. Sayyed Nasrallah insisted that if there were to be a swapping deal, it should include the hijacked bodies of all the martyrs and not only his son’s.

This is just an example of why Sayyed Nasrallah is loved and revered so much by his followers and respected by others. As opposed to other leaders, he does not engage in theatrics and never asks for what he would not accept on himself. The way he analyzes current affairs and shares the honest outlook with the public is a trait almost exclusive to him. In the year 2000, when the “Israelis” pulled out of South Lebanon in a rush and without prior warning, they left the Lahed militia they had created behind. Although so many atrocities were committed by that militia, Sayyed Nasrallah had ordered the men of the resistance to quickly fill the void created by the Zionist army so as no one would engage in reprisals against the abandoned agents who tortured and killed so many of the people of the South. The Secretary-General of Hezbollah dedicated the liberation victory to all the Lebanese regardless of political affiliations and religion; he prohibited manhunts and left the issue of the local “Israeli” collaborators to the government.

In a way, the Sayyed prevented further blood being spilled on the land that was irrigated with the immaculate one of so many martyrs, including his son’s. Patriotism is always the basis of Sayyed Nasrallah’s decisions.

Hadi and his colleagues, those who preceded him and those who followed, have given their lives to keep our children safe. Without them, “Israel” would have annexed South Lebanon by now and would have claimed the riches recently found in the sea. Without them, “ISIS” would have probably spread its cancerous existence much further inwards like they did in regional countries.

Endless gratitude goes to all the parents of the martyrs because of whom our children live with dignity today. Endless gratitude to Sayyed Hadi whose martyrdom has set much needed standards.

Source: Al-Ahed News