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Report: «Israeli» PM’s Wife Employed Hefetz without Pay

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"Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara, was questioned by the police on the suspicion that she employed former media advisor-turned state's witness, Nir Hefetz, for two years without paying him and while misleading the authorities, as reported by Haaretz and Israeli Television News Company.

According to the reports, Sara was questioned on the matter several months ago. She employed Hefetz between the years of 2014 and 2015, after it was made clear to both her and the prime minister that they have to pay the then media advisor.

Hefetz testified that he had said to the prime minister and his wife he is willing to work without being paid under the condition they would ensure it is legal.

The former media advisor said he had discussed the matter with Netanyahu's attorney David Shimron.

Hefetz said Shimron told him: "I've looked into the matter with the State Comptroller and he said everything is in okay. However, we'll have to make a donation to an NGO (to legalize your employment without pay-ed)."

According to the “Israeli” Television News Company, a donation to an NGO has never been made.

Channel 10 added that Sara told Hefetz that she had "donated to charity."

Several months later, Netanyahu gave Hefetz private checks, and allegedly requested him to give her some of the money back later.

Netanyahu said during her investigation "Nir Hefetz was the one asking to be my media advisor without being paid. The State Comptroller said I should pay Hefetz, so I did," as reported by the News Company.

The Netanyahu family issued a statement saying, "One can only hope that when the truth comes out the media will report it with the same enthusiasm (it is reporting the investigations)."

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team