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Securing the Throne with the Blood of Children!

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Hussein Samawarchi

The United States says that although it supplied the missile which butchered little children, it did not have a part in assigning the target. This is the context of the US reply to a preliminary report on the crime committed by Saudi Arabia against a school bus in Yemen - 40 children and 11 adults were martyred. It sounds a lot like a narcotics dealer selling a syringe fully loaded with heroin to a known drug addict and then saying that he never said in which part of the body the poison should be shot.

The American administration knows very well that this class of laser-guided smart bombs (MK-82) has been used against civilian targets before; 155 Yemeni civilians attending a funeral about two years ago were among its victims. They are well aware of the Saudi tendencies to target noncombatants but still participate in arming the inhumane campaign against anything that breathes in Yemen.

In 2016, a senior US official said: “We have made clear that US security cooperation is not a blank check. Consequently, we have decided to not move forward with some foreign military sales cases for munitions. This reflects our continued, strong concerns with the flaws in the coalition's targeting practices and overall prosecution of the air campaign in Yemen.”

The above statement was given during the Obama administration. Whether just a diplomatic response to soften the public opinion or not, Yemen is still seeing cruel US weapons burning its children and shredding them to pieces. It is true, we should be concerned with the party pulling the trigger but, without the US, the Saudi pilot’s trigger would have nothing to release. At least, in this case.

These massacres do not come without benefits for the Saudi, “Israeli” and US coalition.

The Saudi ruling family is not as firmly positioned on their throne as they would like for the world to think. They are in desperate need of protection now more than ever. In the past 40 years, Iran proved to the world that it is possible to create and maintain a strong religious republic based on democracy. The Saudi people see this and want to hang on to their religious customs while enjoying a democratic way of life; the successful Iranian example moves them to desire changes. They want rights for women, officials that can be held accountable, and the freedom to speak. This is one of the reasons why the Saudi regime invests so much in demonizing Iran; it represents an example of a proud national modern Islamic rule that defies the concept of having first, second, and third-class citizens.

The current crown prince Mohamed Bin Salman is under constant danger from his kin. Although the steps he took to marginalize clan members may have secured the throne, these same steps have secured bitter animosity from within as well. Without the protection of foreign intelligence operators, he would have trouble remaining in his position.

Continuing the unfounded public campaign against Iran from an Arab angle serves to give some legitimacy, no matter how false, to “Israel’s” claims and gives the US a better market for arms sales. As for the war against the Yemeni people, it gives “Israel” the benefit of having the world’s attention swayed from what is happening to the Palestinians.

The more children martyred by Saudi hands, the less attention is given to Palestinians being targeted by “Israeli” sharpshooters. In a way, the Zionist ambition is that the world would end up moving towards ending the Palestinian cause in any possible manner so as to focus on Yemen. That means the acceptance of the “Israeli” terms and so-called solutions to legitimize the occupation.

The Saudi government has no problem going through with the “Israeli” requests because it does not rely on elections for its existence. Hence, public opinion cannot affect the rulers.

Mr. Trump’s main concern is financial profit. The more conflicts in the Middle East, the more weapons sold. He will order the soldiers at the American bases in Saudi Arabia to wipe out any uprising if the Crown Prince insures purchases of American arms. He will have his media polish the Saudi government’s image as long as the Saudis keep raising the alarm against Iran; thus, instigating neighboring countries to buy more weapons. There are already theories circulating in regards to a personal financial gain for Mr. Trump resulting from the order of cruise missile strikes against Syria.

Saudi Arabia is not in Yemen to achieve a national goal, it is there with the hope that the war never ends for the purpose of achieving the ongoing agendas of the foreign powers who, in return, are securing Bin Salman in power. A vicious circle drawn with the blood of beautiful innocent children.

Source: Al-Ahed News