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Hizbullah Denounces US Hostility on Syria Army in Deir Ez-Zor

Hizbullah Denounces US Hostility on Syria Army in Deir Ez-Zor
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Hizbullah issued the following statement:

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Hizbullah strongly condemns the US aggression against the Syrian Arab Army in Deir ez-Zour region which led to the martyrdom and injury among the military troops defending their country in the face of the Takfiri criminals.

The group pays tribute to the brave Syrian Army commanders and soldiers and extends its condolences to the martyrs and wishes a speedy recovery for the injured.

Hizbullah believes that the US allegations of the air strikes being a mistake are groundless. They are mere cover-up for the obvious.

The airstrikes proved, in front of the whole world, that the Western alliance allegedly fighting Daesh [Arabic acronym for "ISIS" / "ISIL"] is nothing but a propaganda through which world powers aim to achieve political and electoral goals, in addition to securing their colonial interests based on supporting terrorism in the region.

Furthermore, the US raids coincided with extensive Daesh attacks on the targeted area, revealing the collusion between Washington and the Takfiri group. When in fact, Daesh submits to commands issued by some officials in the US administration.

In the light of the Daesh-US administration alliance, Hizbullah calls upon the international and regional bodies and institutions to expose the states supporting, covering-up and exploiting terrorism.

Accordingly, the group urges the need to put an end to this filthy game whose victims are defenders of their lands as well as civilians from our region and around the world.

 Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated and Edited by website team