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November 11... a Day of Pride!

November 11... a Day of Pride!
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Fatimah Haydar

Who would have imagined a day when the self-proclaimed "mighty" "Israeli" would withdraw from Southern Lebanon?



We need not retell the history of Lebanon to shed light on the Victory Makers of our nation; it is enough to mention the past achievements of the first martyrs and reveal the triumphs of their successors be it in the Lebanese territories or elsewhere.

November 11 marks Martyr's Day... the day of pride and supremacy.

This date has a great significance in the history of the Islamic Resistance and its supporters. It embodies the stepping stone for the Resistance; it is the dawn that witnessed the beginning of "Israel's" end by the first self-martyr Ahmad Kassir who sacrificed his self for the sake of our land.

His monumental operation that targeted an "Israeli" headquarters in Tyr shocked the enemy and lit the path of martyrdom seekers.

Consequently, the "Israelis" admitted 140 casualties among officers and soldiers while at least 10 went missing as a result to "Istishhadi" [self-martyr] Ahmad Kassir's operation.

November 11 sparked the purple victory...

Source: al-Ahed News