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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech Marking the 9th Anniversary of the Divine Victory

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech Marking the 9th Anniversary of the Divine Victory
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In His Name

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the celebration marking the 9th anniversary of the Divine Victory held in Hujeir Valley in Southern Lebanon on Friday 14, 2015.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech Marking the 9th Anniversary of the Divine Victory

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions, and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings. Brothers, sisters! Dear audience!

First, I welcome you in this blessed valley. Before starting with my speech, I find that it is my obligation to extend your condolences to the Iraqi people over the catastrophes afflicted on them and especially over the horrible massacre perpetrated yesterday by "ISIL" in al-Sader City leading to the martyrdom of about 80 and the injury of more than 200. May Allah have mercy on the martyrs and bestow patience on their parents. After all, this is the case in this long battle with this dangerous threat that is intimidating our peoples and our region as a whole.

Brothers and sisters! On the day of divine victory, we renew our praise to Allah Al Mighty. We humbly succumb and give in to His will, His kindness, and His great, uncountable, and numerous blessings. On such a day, He saw our faithfulness and the faithfulness of our people; thus He bestowed victory on us and defeat on our enemy.

We renew our thanks to all those who resisted, fought, remained steadfast, showed patience, helped, and contributed to this divine victory whether from inside Lebanon or from abroad. We also thank everyone who was martyred, wounded, displaced, or afflicted in his family or in his money.

All our salutations to the families of the martyrs; They are the honorable who offered their children in this path, and they are still moving on the path of giving and sacrifices in confronting every Zionist, Takfiri, or terrorist threat without any hesitation or grudge but rather with every show of pride and honor to achieve the content of Allah.

All our thanks to all the heroic mujahedeen who fought till the last drops of their blood in July War and are still forcefully present in squares, fields, and fronts. They answer the call of jihad, make miracles, and raise the banners of victory in each battle they fight.

In the past few days, I was thinking of something to write to address the families of martyrs, the wounded, and the heroic fighters at the beginning of the speech; though at times - praise be to Allah - I feel we do not need to say anything or write anything.

However, before the magnitude of sacrifices and before the procession of martyrs which are still arriving at our villages, neighborhoods, cities, and towns, before the stances of the families of martyrs, the fathers of martyrs, the mothers of martyrs and their greatness, bravery, faithfulness, loyalty, honesty, and grave sacrifices, before the presence of the heroic resistance men who answer the calls, do not feel weak or feeble, do not retreat or linger behind, and before the injuries and pains of the wounded, I can only say: As my tongue is speechless, and I find myself unable to express myself and offer my thanks, I will exchange my words with kissing the hands of the families of martyrs, wounded, resistance men and all those who offered sacrifices and with the sacrifices of whom these victories were and will remain to be and your victory will remain forever Inshallah.

As usual, I have several points in my speech for today:
The first point: I call for consolidating August 14 as a day for divine victory in July War as May 25 wraps the victory of the resistance since before 1982 till 2000.
Let August 14 be the day that expresses and wraps Lebanon's victory in July War because it is the day on which the aggression stopped and on which the enemy failed to achieve any of its announced and unannounced targets. On August 14, and at eight o'clock in the morning our loyal people returned to the places they were displaced from.

They returned to their villages and towns in the south, Bekaa, Dahiyeh, and the other regions. With the first hours on which military operations stopped, they returned with confidence, and peace. They showed no fear or horror that the aggression might be renewed because they believed in the defeat of the enemy and their victory. They were confident of the deterrence formula that was achieved along with the victory. Thus they returned with the very first hours. They were not afraid of cluster bombs or of confronting the enormous demolition.

The return of the people in this day is the strongest popular, psychological, moral, political, cultural, media, and jihadi reaction to the aggression and the targets of the aggression. Their return on this day and these hours forms an eloquent expression of their attachment to the land of ancestors, whatever the sacrifices and dangers were.

August 14 is a day of divine victory and not for victory only because it was really a divine victory. Through this political and media topic we would like to manifest what we believe in our hearts and minds. On August 14, we were before a divine victory offered by Allah Al Mighty to all of us.

Whoever takes into consideration all the equations, formulas, considerations, the level of international and regional support, and the power of the enemy and on the other hand, the capabilities of the resistance and the sides which backed and supported, he can with utmost simplicity conclude that what happened during July War ending with this day was a real miracle which can't be interpreted with natural materialistic reasons. This great victory was one of the great blessings of Allah bestowed on us and on the people, and we fall short from thanking Him no matter what we did.

So the first point is that we must deal with this day Inshallah as in the past years as a day of divine victory. Every year in the period between July 12 and August 14 we used to wonder when to hold the celebration and what the title of the occasion must be. So let's dedicate this day - August 14 - as a day for divine victory as May 25 of every year is a day for resistance and liberation.

The second point has to do with the place where the occasion is to be held. Here is al-Hujeir Valley with its geographic characteristic in the heart of the South and the road leading to Palestine. Al- Hujeir Valley with its special characteristics which you are seeing around you was chosen this year for our occasion to start from the history and values which were founded in it in the near past by the resistance in addition to its special position in July War. From these values and this history, we will commence in our approach of the present causes and their challenges and great responsibilities.

In 1920, the well-known historic conference was held here in al-Hujeir Valley. It included a great number of religious men, political figures, and leaderships in the popular resistance besides dignitaries and notables. Imam Sayyed Abed al-Hussein Sharafeddine was the speaker of this platform, its first guide, the Imam of the mind, wisdom, principles, zeal, and jihad. He established this conference through his scholars who came from all over the south and from all over Lebanon. Its leaders moved on these principles and rules and struggled through it.

The leadership of this path then moved to the absenteed Imam His Eminence Sayyed Mussa Assader [May Allah restore him and both his friends safe and sound]. He consolidated this path and developed it while giving it new perspectives and horizons, and the followers of these two solemn Imams are still moving along and showing commitment to this path and its principles, and to our day they are still showing their allegiance to these great leaders in their history and present with their faithfulness, jihad, presence, shout, and blood.

Hereof, I will usher to the three topics of the speech from this pure fountain in al-Hujeir Valley.

The first topic is resisting every occupation. The second topic is rejecting all division schemes in the region. The third topic is national unity through which I will tackle the latest political developments in Lebanon.

The first topic: the resistance. Here we learned that it is our duty to reject every occupation. This is the school of al-Hujeir Valley. We must resist every occupation with all the available means whether with rocks, with the English or the Dutch rifle, the hunting rifle, machine guns, or the cornet as in al-Hujeir Valley in 2006. We must face with all available means any occupation whether it is French, "Israeli" or under any other name. This resistance with all its various forms has been continuous since that conference to our day. It made victories and achievements. It changed formulas and toppled occupation projects and hegemony schemes in Lebanon and the region.

It imposed itself on the advanced position of the events in the region. The legendary steadfastness of our resistance, army, and people in Lebanon in July War was the peak of this commitment in face of that war. The military steadfastness in the field which is the main principle integrated with popular steadfastness everywhere - as people stayed in their places or where they were displaced - along with political steadfastness in confronting suspicious projects, dictated conditions, threats, and intimidation despite the harshness of political divisions in the authority and in the street in 2006.

Thus was the battle in this valley. This is what I want to tackle under the title of the resistance and as far as the place is concerned. Al-Hujeir Valley battle was among the decisive battles because in July War - from July 12 to August 14 - there were stations. For nine years by now, we usually tackle in the speeches, researches, and media outlets, several of these stations. Some of these stations are shelling Haifa and the regions behind Haifa, Bint Jbeil Battle, shelling Saar V, the massacres that were perpetrated in more than one town in Lebanon in Bekaa, the South, Dahiyeh, and the north... So there were many stations. I don't want to draw a diagram for them; however, one of the very important and decisive stations in July War was al-Hujeir Valley and the adjacent towns and villages. This battle was a decisive station in ending the war and halting the aggression and humiliating the enemy.

Days ago, on the "Israeli" TV they carried interviews with Olmert who was the war minister at that time, Halotz who was the Chief of Staff, and the Defense Minister Ameer Peretz whom indeed you forgot his name. He used to say you will not forget his name. The former says: "At times in some cases during the war, I used to feel humiliation and shame within myself". This is the truth about the feelings of the enemy leaders during that war which humiliated the enemy and toppled all his military schemes. They had no choice other than withdrawing to the borders. During the last days of the war, you remember on August 11, UN Resolution 1701 was issued though it was politically and morally to the biased to "Israel".

Practically some supposed that the war was over. However, on August 11, the enemy cabinet took a decision to stage a broad land military operation to occupy the Southern region of Litany River. It proceeded in more than one front. The most dangerous front, however, was crossing al-Hujeir Valley. They mobilized brigades and units of tanks and elite troops. They performed the most dramatic airdrops behind the lines of the resistance men. Some "Israeli" sources acknowledged that they were the most dramatic airdrops since the war of October 1973.

The "Israelis" took this stupid decision because they were in need to an act of this sort. First, they were in need of such a qualitative moral achievement because in fact the war must have been over on August 11. However, by that date the "Israelis" did not make any achievement or realize any target. No moral achievement was made. True they demolished, killed, and perpetrated massacres. This can be made by anyone whether they own the most powerful army in the Middle East or own a militia like "ISIL". Anyone can demolish and perpetrate massacres but he can't make any military achievement or true achievement in the field that can impose new facts. The "Israelis" did not achieve anything of this sort.
So they needed to take this step so that they do not get out of the war with a total defeat.

Second, they need this step to impose their conditions on Lebanon and on the Lebanese. They wanted to negotiate over the return of the people and the residents of cities and towns to the south of Litany. They wanted to negotiate over disarming the resistance to the south of Litany. They wanted to negotiate over several various points. We knew these details even from the discussions that used to take place within the Lebanese government.

They wanted to occupy the area to the south of Litany because they wanted to have the upper hand. They wanted to get out of the war victorious to verify their arrogance, supereminence, and tyranny.

However, al-Hujeir Valley and the surrounding hills and towns were the stage of a heroic historic confrontation. Here scores of tanks were destroyed. Here scores of "Israeli" elite officers and soldiers were killed. Here scores were injured. Here they felt hellfire under their feet and above their heads. Here the Mirkava tank fell.

Thus al-Hujeir valley was the graveyard for tanks, invaders, and dreams of the tyrannical enemy to achieve victory and afflict defeat. Here the Mirkava myth and its invincible army were destroyed. Here the enemy was humiliated and defeated. Here the true men were firmer than mountains and harder than rocks; thus they made this legend.

All the resistance weapons were here: army engineering, artillery force, anti-aircraft, component force, and the heroic fighters; however, the prominent role was played by the noble force of the anti-armors who destroyed scores of tanks, vehicles, and armors with their rockets.
That battle was the destruction mission. In that battle, the archer were apparently the resistance men but in fact: {It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah: when thou threwest, it was not thy act, but Allah's}.

Here heroes, true men, steadfastness, the mind, plotting, will, determination, firmness, epics, honesty, patience, and faith were manifested; thus was victory.

Among the senior martyrs in al-Hujeir Valley Battle are leader martyrs Ali Saleh and Hajj Bilal who was one of the officials in this force. He was one of the seniors in the resistance who had long history in the resistance.
In this valley, the entire scheme of occupying the area to the south of Litany until reaching Litany River was foiled. Tables were turned. They wanted to show arrogance, but Allah humiliated them. They wanted to achieve honor, but Allah disgraced them. They wanted to make victory, but Allah defeated them. This was what took place, and they fled.

It is good that people watch that TV interview with Olmert because it is very nice. In it he says: "Before days, the army leadership was practicing pressure on me saying: We must make haste. We must stage a broad military operation. That is very important for "Israel" and for "Israel's" security. It is very important to boost "Israel's" morale. However, late at night on August 13, they came in a hurry and said: We must withdraw to the borders. Why to the borders? Have patience! We want to see the UN and the mechanism of implementing the resolution. Their answer was: No! No! We must withdraw to the border without wasting any time. Before 8 o'clock in the morning we must be at the border". This text is confirmed also by the Chief of Staff Halotz. He says: "We ended the discussion, and I said: I had no desire to remain stuck in Lebanon not even for one more second".

They dubbed this operation of theirs "Changing the direction 11". It was executed and a part of it was achieved. He was telling them: Let's spare our lives. Indeed that coincided with downing the modern "Israeli" military airplane over Mariamin Valley near Yater Town. So they were trapped. Neither the airdrop may be continued nor anything else. They are not able to continue by plane or helicopter or tank or even on foot. You can't reach this land or stay on this land by any means.

This was an important and a major station in July War. Indeed this war changed and adjusted major military strategies in the world - in the USA, in the NATO, and in "Israel". Before July War and due to what took place in more than one country in the world, it was prevalent that air force can decisively end a battle. That came to an end with July War.

Days ago they published in the "Israeli" media what they called the "Israeli" Army strategy. It was written by the current "Israeli" Army Chief of Staff. He too was a major figure in July War. Perhaps he was the head of the Operations Division. I recommend on those who care for Lebanon to read this article which was published. "Israel" obviously takes it for granted now that an air force cannot decisively end a battle. This is over. There is also another thing which was made decisive by July War, Gaza War, and Yemen War today. So the first point is that the air force is not a decisive element. The second point is that fire, demolition, killing, massacres, displacing people, and halting their living do not defeat them if they are faithful, patient, have the will to survive, and resist because this is part of the strategy.

Warplanes, tanks, and warships from the sea shell, demolish, kill, and commit massacres as they did in Lebanon and in Gaza and as they are doing now in Yemen and in other places. People would be frightened with the scene of women and children and destruction; thus they give up. Determination, will, and resolution perish, and they succumb to this demolishing, killing invader.

Also this strategy came to an end. So neither air force is a decisive element nor the power of demolition and the graveness of massacres are decisive elements in a battle or in confronting peoples who have faith and are determined and steadfast and want to live with dignity and honor. So they went back to confirm the "Israeli" Army strategy that resorts to land troops and land maneuvers and the like - meaning infiltrating the land and not getting satisfied with air force though they tried this in July War and it still flopped.

After all, they had no choices. So they did not get anything new in fact. They tried this in July War and it flopped. I want to read for you a text with which we reach the end of the topic of the resistance. The text is for Shimon Perez who was a minister in Olmert's cabinet - perhaps the international relations or something of this sort. They gave him a portfolio. He said what I am going to say in Winograd Committee; he did not expect that this was to be published. He said that "Israel" was not as it was always. It was not shining; it was not surprising; it was not creative. "We were weak", he says adding: "As it was a ballistic war and a war against terrorism, we can't chase with a 100-million-dollar-F16 a 16-year-old boy".

Here I will not talk strategies but rather I will use simple words which may be understood by all people. I want to comment on what he says. This is one of the results of July War. As I said, now we can add Gaza wars and the war on Yemen... So the air force is not decisive.

Well, if you have few F 16 planes we have hundreds of thousands of young men who are 16 and above. How many war planes are they in need for? Likewise, they can't dispatch a 10-million-dollar worth -Mirkave tank to an underground fortified bunker. Here I am telling you on August 14, 2015 that every spot of our land will be a fortified bunker that will demolish your tanks and armors and kill your soldiers, officers and defeat your army.

There won't be any successful strategy for the "Israeli" Army in Lebanon from now on. This is a commitment which we are putting to force through this readiness, this daily work, this incessant work apart from all the events and developments that are taking place in the region.
In face of the strategy which the chief of staff is talking about, I propose the strategy of al-Hujeir Valley. We are today stronger in our wil, determination, power, number, and artillery.

Brothers and sisters! When we insist on marking August 14 and remind the Lebanese with the anniversary of this victory. Since August 14, 2006 to our day the "Israelis" are still studying, discussing, drawing morals, adjusting, and writing strategies. What did we do in Lebanon? We did not do anything.

We insist on drawing morals and tell the Lebanese today: Be confident and certain that we are able to remain steadfast in the hardest conditions. We are able to topple regimes. We are able to gain victory in face of the strongest armies in the region and the terrorists in the region. We are able to protect your country, your people, and your sovereignty through the deterrence formula and through the golden formula: Army-people-resistance. This is the moral which we must assert.

Even Obama is making use of the resistance's deterrence power. Meeting with the leaders of the Jewish communities in the USA, Obama wanted to convince Netanyahu to stop dreaming. With what did he threat him? He did not threat him in a direct way. He rather threatened him with the rockets of the resistance in Lebanon. It is because the Americans know very well the efficiency of the deterrence power owned by the resistance in Lebanon.

Brothers and sisters! Dear Lebanese! This victory was achieved despite the sharp vertical division in Lebanon during July War 2006: divisions among political factions and divisions in the political authority. We do not forget how negotiations used to be carried and decisions used to be taken in that difficult atmosphere. We do not forget when Speaker Nabih Berri was in the first line negotiating all the negotiators in the world and guarding the will of the resistance and the blood of the martyrs.

We remember His Excellence President Emile Lahoud who was besieged in his castle; still he used to preside the sessions of the government while battles were being waged in the government. I do not want to open old files. I only want to make this hint to say if we were divided and we won, what if we are united? What if the political authority united and the military and security forces united? What if the political forces united and overstepped their conflicts and struggles in confronting the threat whether it was "Israeli" or terrorist.

Aren't we as Lebanese people and as a state in Lebanon able to protect our country and guard our sovereignty and defend our dignity and our people without resorting to anyone in this world, and should any friend extend a helping hand to us we respond with our thanks?

This is one of the morals to be taken into consideration in confronting threats today. Our country is threatened in its existence, in its sovereignty, in its security, and in its survival. We call for such a commitment, such a unity and for that trinity and for being above these conflicts in confronting this existential threat.

Under the topic of the resistance, we renew our commitment to confront the Zionist scheme in the region. We renew our commitment to stand next to the Palestinian people and the legitimate resistance in restoring the land and sanctities.

From al-Hujeir Valley we remind of the threat against al-Aqsa Mosque and the sanctities in al-Quds the last of which was the intention of the enemy to build a synagogue in Buraq Square and what the Palestinian people are being subject to: putting houses and camps on fire with women and children in without any deterrence voice heard in this world. The resistance is our means to defend our country and our dignity, to restore sanctities, to stand in face of all dangers, and to make all victories.

The second topic is rejecting division. In al-Hujeir conference the historic stance was to reject division in the region; but the region was divided. Still in the valley they had the honor of taking that decision. Today, we the conferees here must reject the division of the divided and the fragmentation of the fragmented. This is what the USA is seeking to achieve in our region along with "Israel" and unfortunately some regional forces whether knowingly or unknowingly.

On top of these forces is Saudi Arabia. Today we must make reverberating shouts in every valley and not only in al-Hujeir Valley. These shouts must warn our peoples and our nation that the new divisions and fragmentations will hurl the region into long civil, sectarian, and ethnic wars that will lead only to demolition, ruin, displacement, and waste. Thus today the scholars of the nation, the leaders of the nation, Muslims, Christians, Islamists, nationalists, seculars, and all currents and trends are called to take a decisive decision.

Should we - this generation - allow this region to be divided and fragmented anew, we all will be held responsible before Allah for all the dangerous repercussions on all the generations to come - our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. This is a great responsibility.

Today, America is investing the "ISIL" to exploit the region. Do you still remember what I told you a year ago? I told you that America is not serious at all in its war on terrorism and its war on "ISIL". It rather wants to exploit "ISIL" to topple governments and regimes and reconstruct and remap the region. This is what is taking place now.

Days ago, the Turkish capital, Ankara, said that the USA recommended on them to halt the operations against "ISIL". Why? Was it a show of respect to the Syrian sovereignty? No! It's because the international coalition does not respect the Syrian sovereignty. It is because it does not want to respect "ISIL" now. It wants to exploit "ISIL" in Syria as it is investing "ISIL" in Iraq. How is that so? Listen to the new speech and rhetoric in Syria.

Listen to the Doha talk and the words of John Kerry and those with him. It is to the effect that "ISIL" forms a great danger on Syria, the Syrian people, and the current regime - as he says - is not able to confront "ISIL". So to prevent "ISIL" from having control over Syria and to reach Damascus, the new regime must leave and the authority must be handed to the moderate Syrian opposition.

So they are politically investing the presence of "ISIL" to get rid of the current regime in Syria. However, they are lying and tricking. Is the moderate Syrian opposition apart from "ISIL" and al-Nusra Front able to confront "ISIL"? In fact, he is saying that the experience of training the moderate opposition flopped. From among 2000 persons who were trained by the US intelligence in Turkey, only 60 persons accepted to fight "ISIL".

So you are bringing a weak feeble alternative. He is saying that should the moderate Syrian opposition take control the world will offer it help. We will support it and fight "ISIL". See the hypocrisy and the cheating. This trick is being played in more than one country apart from the differences inside Iraq or among the Iraqis and the political conflicts. However among what was told to the Iraqis is: Change your government. We are supporting you to defeat "ISIL". Change your government, and you will receive unlimited international, Arab, and regional support.

Well, change the government for several reasons. This is not a topic for debate. However, what was the result? Did they receive the US, regional, NATO, and Arab support to confront "ISIL"? In fact, the "ISIL" is advancing everywhere except in the places where the true faithful troops who depend on their will and on their true friends - meaning the popular masses and the Iraqi troops - exist.

Moreover, where are the arms, artillery, and planes contracts inked between Iraq and the USA? Where are these contracts? The Iraqi Army and the Iraqi troops have a shortage in arms and artillery.

Moreover, the USA and Saudi Arabia conspired and lowered the price of oil. Thus the Iraqi budget fell to its half or even less. They had a true crisis. Well, you promised Iraq to assist it should it change its government. Did you help it? Today, they are reiterating the same rhetoric. We must all be aware of this US deception.

In Yemen, they tell you: We are fighting terrorism and they ally with al-Qaeda and with "ISIL" against the Yemeni people and against the national forces and the indigenous forces in Yemen. The USA and the US allies and tools in the region are investing terrorism to impose their conditions and maps. We must confront all of that in all posts because the true US project is dividing Iraq, dividing Syria, dividing the region, and dividing even Saudi Arabia. O people! Do believe us! The interest of the USA and "Israel" is in that because this is the last thing they may do in the region to contain the uprising and awareness that took place in our nation and in our region. This is a great responsibility anyway.

In this perspective, we comment on all the accusations in Syria against the Syrian leadership and the Syrian Army and their allies including us to the effect that we are working to fragment Syria. Never! There is no need to make lengthy discussions and arguments. It is enough to tell you that for five years by now, the Syrian Army, the Syrian people, and the Syria troops have been fighting in Hasaka, Deir Zour, Daraa, Sweida, Aleppo, Idlib, Damascus, Homs and everywhere for their last breath for the survival of united Syria and in reject of submission to fragmentation which they want a factual division. I will wrap this topic with Yemen before moving to the last topic.

Today after 142 days of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen and the people of Yemen, we must renew our condemnation and denunciation of this brutal inhuman dangerous violation which is setting the foundations for the worst violations by "Israel" and the USA in our region. We also say that all the morals drawn from the wars in the region are also present there in Yemen. A city may fall here or there but as long as there is a will, a cause, faith, steadfastness, a feeling of pride, a demand to live with dignity, and a refusal of occupation, this enemy can't achieve victory or achieve any of its goals.

The last topic in my speech is Lebanon and the national unity. In 1920, sectarian events took place in Lebanon and the south between Muslims and Christians. This may be one of the main reasons in convening the conference of al Hujeir Valley.

In any country, when the occupier comes and sets his pillars, he tries to make sedition among the components of the country. This is an old policy and not a new one. "Israel" resorted to this policy. The USA, Britain, France, Germany, and every state which occupies another country act as such.

This is what they did in Lebanon. Imam Sayyed Abed al Hussein Sharafeddine said a word in this valley in 1920. He said a word which I will reiterate on you because we need it in Lebanon. We are in an urgent need for it whether Muslims or Christians. He said: "O zealous brave young men! Religion is but advice. Shall I tell you about something and should you do it you will gain victory. Let the invader and intruder miss the opportunity through being firm, and with patience put off the fire of sedition.

By Allah, he instigates one party to aggress against another only to cause sectarian sedition and blaze the fire of civil war; then when his claims and dreams come true, he settles in the country with the pretext of protecting the minorities. [This is the image "Israel" presents itself with today. It says that it is protecting the sectarian minorities in the region]. As for Christians, they are your brothers in Allah, in the nation, and in fate. Wish for them what you wish for yourselves. Guard their souls and money as you guards yours. As such you foil their conspiracies and put off the fire of ordeal and put to force the teachings of your religion and the tradition of your Prophet".

This is the path of al Hujeir Valley. It was the path of Imam Mussa Sadre for tens of years. We were brought up on this, and we bring our generations on this understanding and on this vision and logic. Today we need this path.
As Lebanese, we do not need to talk about coexistence and living in unity; we rather need to work industriously to coexist and to live in unity.

I am a follower of the Islamic movement and the Islamic party, and here I am telling you that we must all be convinced of finding a state in which all sides partake - all the components of this people and this nation must partake, and all must feel confident in this nation. That means we must reach a state that does not frighten anyone and in which nobody feels worried. No component must feel that it is conspiring against him. The state must promote serenity among its components and serve all the components of the Lebanese people.

It must not be biased to one region or sect and neglect another. This is the state we are in need of, and this state is the guarantee for everything. An end must be put to thinking or following the methodology of political dealing according to the leading sect principle. No sect in Lebanon can be the leading sect. Today all sects have scholars, elites, dignitaries, leaderships, competences, power, presence, vitality, culture and civilization.

The mentality of the leading sect must be expelled from the minds.

The mentality of the leading party, the leading organization, the leading current in the state must come to an end. There is no place for it in Lebanon or else the crises will continue to be.

In the past, it was said that there is the fear-unfairness duo. Christians are afraid because they are in an Islamic sea in the region; thus they call for guarantees in the state from the Lebanese Muslims, while Muslims feel that they are treated unfairly.
However today, I tell the Lebanese: We are all partners in fear and in being unfairly treated. Who is assured on his existence, the existence of his component or his sect or even on the existence of Lebanon before all of these dangers threatening the region?

Everyone is talking about deprivation and negligence and corruption... So there is no more a deprived sect and a non-deprived sect and an afraid sect and a non-afraid sect. Unfortunately today all the Lebanese are equal and share the sense of fear and unfairness. The state I was talking about is the guarantee and the solution. We say 'no' for division, 'no' for federalism, and 'no' for everyone being obliged to address his own crises. Only such a state is the true guarantee.

However, such a fair assuring state that promotes confidence and serves all people indiscriminately can't come to be except if there is a state of true partnership. This is what promotes serenity and confidence. A state of true partnership gives serenity and confidence.

When we all exist in the institutions of the state and the decision-making institutions, we all become assured that no one is conspiring against anyone else and no one wants to exploit the state and the institutions of the state to crush another one or to stab him, isolate him, break him, exclude him, or humiliate him. So the path to the fair state that promotes confidence and serenity is true partnership among all the components of the Lebanese people without mentioning numbers and ratios. So we must not say who the majority are and who the minority are and quarrel over this issue.

Apart from all of this, true partnership is required to let Lebanon emerge from all its crises. Today we are facing dangerous and severe crises: presidential vacuum, an inactive parliament, and a government in crisis; it convenes but is inefficient, there is a huge pile of economic and living crises the worst of which was the waste crisis that has been mushrooming for weeks by now.

We must find solutions for all of our crises; however, one of the major crises which is manifesting itself even in the street as what took place a couple of days ago is that a large section or the largest section of Christians are sensing that they are treated unfairly and that they are being excluded. Now they are expressing that. I mean the Reform and Change Bloc and the Free Patriotic Movement and their allies.

The political stance develops in some places in Lebanon to the extent of talking about breaking this component or isolating it or when they talk about the leader of this component they say breaking General Aoun or isolating general Aoun. It is very unfortunate to reach this state.
In previous speeches, we used to say: Do not ignore what is taking place. Go to dialogue. Listen! There is a true problem. They just ignored what I said. Even more, they moved to provocation.

Some bet that this movement will not lead anywhere. They say that after all Aoun and his allies will surrender to despair and go back to their homes. As such we would have broken them and isolated them and manipulated them. Indeed this is a wrong way of thinking and a dangerous thinking.

Today on August 14 and on the anniversary of divine victory, I will affirm what I said before. In fact as far as we - Hizbullah in particular - are concerned we do not accept that any of our allies be broken or isolated. We do not tolerate that at all, especially for those who stood with us during July War and tied their necks, their fates and their blood to ours.

Frankly speaking, today I tell all the political forces in Lebanon. This issue is final for us as Hizbullah. In as much as it is a political issue it is a moral and a humanitarian issue that deserves sacrifices. Let no one make wrong calculations. This applies to all our allies.
However, because the person on target now is General Aoun and the FPM as per the events taking place these days, I tell you that you are mistaken. You cannot break him or isolate him. You cannot.

I will simply give two or three examples because we reached the end of the speech.

First: What do isolation and breaking mean? It means eliminating his influence from the political square. This is impossible. The first topic is that General Michael Aoun is a mandatory corridor for presidential elections. Are you able to overlook him or isolate him? No, you cannot. We are committed to this stance.

During the days of nuclear negotiations, they used to say that they are waiting for the nuclear negotiations and there it will be resolved. We told you that negotiations are over the nuclear issue only. There is nothing else. Well now and after the nuclear agreement, what are they waiting for? What are you waiting for?

Days ago, Iranian FM Zarif was in Lebanon, and he met a number of officials. It was clear that Iran will not interfere. If it was required from it to give a hand, it gives a hand. However, I will tell you how Iran helps. Deluded is he who expects that Iran would come and exert pressure on its allies to take a decision they are not convinced in.

This is not Iran. The Islamic Republic talks with its friends though it daily asserts that this is an internal decision and a Lebanese decision. However, let no one impose anything on another.

Well, we are with this bloc. Suppose that they made presidential elections, and they elected a president other than General Aoun. This means isolation. This is one.

Second: The government. Let the government be reactivated. The mandatory path to an active government is also General Aoun. Deluded is he who thinks that he can move along with a government, run the country, and neglect primary components in the country. As such he won't be only neglecting FPM; he rather would be neglecting major and significant components in the country. So you can't isolate or break anyone.

Also as far the street is concerned, now you can see that the FPM is hitting the street. Well, here I am telling you at this stage the interest is in the FPM hitting the street and that we and our likes remain aside. There is an interest in that. I tackled this point before and interpreted it.

However today, I want to tell you. Can whoever neglects or turns his back and arrogantly thinks of breaking and isolating guarantee that only those in the street remain in the street? Does he have guarantees that his many allies will not join him in his protests at one time or at one stage?

I mentioned before that our options are open. Today I reiterate and say let's extend a helping hand and stand with our allies - whoever our allies are - in their legitimate rights. Our options are open despite our preoccupations in the south and our fighting in Syria. Still we are present on the internal front. Who says that we are neglecting the internal front?

Thus I tell you go back to dialogue. Talk with each other. Make discussions. Search for solutions. Do not deal with the current crisis as a crisis for a definite leader, current, segment, or current even if it was a major segment. Today we are living a national political crisis, and we need leaders at the level of the nation to take the initiatives and find solutions.
Turning our backs to each other and breaking each other does not lead anywhere.

Some might say: When you as March 8 Bloc formed the government of PM Najeeb Mikati, you isolated other forces. Never! That's not true. For a whole month, PM Mikati remained negotiating with March 14 Bloc. The desire was that they - the Future Movement and its allies - partake in the government. On that day and during internal consultations, we - March 8 Bloc - proposed on PM Mikati that even if March 14 Bloc required the guaranteeing one third portion, that is their right, because we want a government of partnership.
Today I reiterate that dialogue is the path leading to partnership, and partnership is the path leading to building a state. Turning our back takes the country to destruction, waste, and loss. We need to take initiatives.

Indeed in this framework, with this decisive and clear decision, I find that the interest too is in making a faithful and true address to the national Christian leaderships in Lebanon to reevaluate their stances and consider reactivating the parliament to start its work. Here we must separate things from each other. We must allow this institution to be reactivated. For the sake of Lebanon, for the sake of addressing the Lebanese causes, for the sake of opening the gate for dialogue, and for the sake of opening the gate for reaching solutions for the other crisis, we must find a solution for this crisis. For the sake of Lebanon, for the sake of our homeland, and for the sake of the future, we must make reconsiderations and find ways out.

Anyway, brothers and sisters! On August 14, 2015 and marking the anniversary of the victory of 2006, we remained here and we will remain here Inshallah. We will fight for the dignity of this country, this people, and this nation. We live here and are martyred here and are buried here. Here remain the names, memories, bodies, and souls and here we continue our procession. We assume the responsibilities even if other remained behind. We will move along even if others retreated.

We are not intimidated with the magnitude of sacrifices and the number of martyrs and threats, psychological wars, and lies. We are always confident in our God, our cause, our responsibilities, our obligations, our people, our noble families, our fighters, our army, our mujahedeen, and our good land. This path, al-Hujeir Valley, Sayyed Abdul Hussein Sharafeddine, and Imam Mussa Sadre will only yield incessant victory. As I always wrap saying, I say; the era of defeat is over, and it is the era of victories but victory has its conditions and terms. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings. Hundred returns.

Source: Al-Ahed News