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Al-Mustaqbal Article on Hizbullah Backfires At Newspaper

Al-Mustaqbal Article on Hizbullah Backfires At Newspaper
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Nour Rida

Multiple and intense have been - and still are- the attempts to distort the image of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon.

The March 14 camp has never seized to disfigure the image of Hizbullah. In fact, it has not missed any opportunity to defame the Resistance, yet they commit blatant mistakes, and their scheme backfires at them.

Al-Mustaqbal Article on Hizbullah Backfires At Newspaper

The March 14 renown al-Mustaqbal newspaper author, Fady Shamieh, published an article on Monday entitled, "Hizbullah's Involvement in the Syrian War: Names and facts." Yet, Shamieh had inserted some wrong names and facts that stood out. In his article, Shamieh has published a photo of a Hizbullah martyr named, ‘Ali Mounif Ashmar', mentioning that Ashmar was martyred in Syria in July 2012.

Ali Ashmar was born in Kuwait on the 14th of July 1976. His father named him Ali after the first of the 12 Imams, Imam Ali, the prince of believers (pbuh).
He took part in many operations, the last of which was the Rub al-Tlateen in Odeisseh. On the 21st of March, 1996, Ali blew up a bomb loaded with shrapnel in a Zionist convoy that was made up of several trucks and cars in which "Israeli" officials were present. Numerous injuries and deaths were recorded among the "Israelis."

One day after the operation, Ali's body parts were collected, enshrouded and buried near the operation spot.

With such a blatant mistake, al-Mustaqbal newspaper proved it does not follow any fact-checking procedures, which in fact in not unprecedented. The newspaper continues to be a propaganda machine publishing lies and distorted facts.

For those who think the Resistance people and supporters are carrying a counter propaganda, Google will give you the answer. A simple search will demonstrate that Ali Ashmar was undeniably martyred in 1996 and that there were various articles and videos about his martyrdom published long before al-Mustaqbal's article was published on April 28, 2014.

Source: al-Ahed news