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Wide Condemnation to Martyr Lakkis Assassination

Wide Condemnation to Martyr Lakkis Assassination
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Political and religious leaders from across the divide condemned Wednesday the assassination of the Hizbullah Resistance Leader martyr Haj Hassan Lakiss.
They accused the Zionist entity of being responsible for the murder.
Iran condemned the latest assassination of senior commander outside his home south of the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

Wide Condemnation to Martyr Lakkis Assassination

"Given the prominent role of this ...martyr in the defeats suffered by the Zionist entity against the Islamic Resistance [movement], the Zionists regime definitely bears the full responsibility for this criminal and terrorist act," Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said on Wednesday.
She also offered Iran's sincere condolences to Lakkis's family and his comrades on the martyrdom.

Similarly, Iran's Foreign Minister Assistant Hossein Amir Abdul Allahien accused "Zionist currents in the region of assassinating Lakiss, through the use of extremist groups."

According to ISNA news agency, the Iranian official highlighted that "it is natural that the Zionist currents in the region pass their pre-planned agendas through extremist groups."

Wide Condemnation to Martyr Lakkis AssassinationHowever, he assured that "the resistance front will remain strong."
For his part, the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Ghadanfar Roknabadi condemned the heinous crime, stressing that such a "cowardly act" would not prevent the resistance from fighting "Israel".

"I offer my condolences... over the martyrdom of brother Hassan Lakkis who had a long history of teaching the Zionist enemy harsh lessons in humiliation and whose actions were heroic acts in the face of "Israel"," Roknabadi said in a message to Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.
"While we adjoin this heroic martyr to the convoy of martyrs who sacrificed their lives to serve their nation and its sacred cause, mainly the Palestinian cause, we believe that these cowardly acts by the Zionist enemy and its agents would only make the resistance more determined to achieve its goals of eliminating "Israel" from existence," he added.

In Lebanon, House Speaker Nabih Berri deplored the murder, considering that it carries the "Israeli" style.
Moreover, he urged all Lebanese sides to be aware because the enemy is trapping us.

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati called the assassination a threat to Lebanon's security and stability and said it aimed to incite more strife.
Mikati was briefed on the investigations into the assassination during a meeting with caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel Wednesday, and urged the judiciary to uncover the truth. He also called for the "intensification of security and judicial investigations in order to uncover the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice," according to a statement.

Charbel also deplored the assassination and called it a criminal act. He stressed that security forces were working hard to bring the assassin to justice.
For his part, Progressive Socialist Party head Walid Jumblatt condemned the assassination of the resistance commander, Lakkis.

He also denounced the explosions and terrorist acts in Dahiyeh and in Tripoli, calling on the judiciary to act in that respect.
Head of the Lebanon branch of the Arab Socialist Baath Party Fayez Shukr confirmed that the resistance leader's assassination was further proof that the resistance in Lebanon was being targeted. Shukr said Lebanon needed protection from such conspiracies.
Wide Condemnation to Martyr Lakkis Assassination"The murderous criminals targeting our martyr and hero have also targeted Lebanon's security and civil peace," Shukr said.
Lebanon's Communist Party also condemned the killing and added "Israel" was responsible as it preyed the resistance to compensate for its defeats, according to a statement.
The party warned of "the seriousness of the crime which points to the movement of the enemy's sleeper cells that tamper with the Lebanese arena and take advantage of the political situation and security vulnerability."
Head of the Arab Democratic Party Ali Eid said in a statement that the "Israeli" crime aimed to create division and discord in Lebanon.

The attack was an "attempt to hit the resistance and opposition at its core and to discourage it from standing up to the Zionist project and its clients," Eid said.
Religious leaders also condemned the assassination. Higher Shiite Council deputy head Sheikh Abdel-Amir Qabalan strongly denounced Lakkis' assassination, which was the product of "evil, lurking agents" which serve "Israel" and target the resistance."

"The "Israeli" enemy will not manage to extinguish the flame of the resistance no matter its crimes and its aggressions, for the assassination of commander Lakkis is a clear message targeting the resistant Lebanese society," Qabalan said.
He also called on Lebanese to stand in solidarity in order to protect their land and safeguard their families in the face of "Israeli" plots.

On a similar note, Sayyed Ali Fadlallah urged the national community to be wary of the "Israeli" plot, saying the best response would be to preserve internal Islamic unity in light of the violent and cowardly assassination.

The aim of the assassination was to rid the resistance of a "bright and creative leadership" as well as "to try to pour oil over the fire on all matters relating to the Syrian conflict and its impact on Lebanon," he said.

Source: Al-Ahed news


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The Heroes of Islam, Humanity and Resistance

The beloved Martyrs "Abbas Mousavi", "Ragheb Harb" "Imad Moghniyeh" , "Hassan Lakkis", "Ali Saleh" , "Ghaleb Avali" and etc are not only the Heroes of the Resistance but are the Heroes of Islam and Humanity. God willing, the precious bloods of these Martyrs will erase the fake state of Israel. Long Live Hezbollah!