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Archbishop Hanna: Suspicious Sides behind Anti-Islam Moves, Muslim, Christians Must Unite

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Local Editor

The Archbishop of Sebastia Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna stressed that what the great Islamic religion had faced through the offense against its Noble Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a new episode of an old series.

"This series had been supported, since long ago, by suspicious sides that did not hesitate to attack the Christian religion and Jesus the Christ as well," Hanna highlighted.
In an exclusive interview with al-Intiqad website, the archbishop stated that "this encroachment, despite the alleged information of the involvement of some Copts, does not represent various Christian sects."
He further reminded of the immigrant Copts' position of announcing disowning those responsible for the American film.

"We are with our Muslim brothers in their condemnation and rejection movements in face of the insult against the Holy Prophet," he announced and pointed out that "this is the position of all the Christian churches in al-Quds from the insulting film as they described it as an uncivilized act."
In parallel, the Greek Orthodox bishop confirmed "in front of this unprecedented abuse; Muslims and Christians must unite and work together."

In this context, Hanna urged all sides to focus on national and humanitarian issues, particularly the Palestinian cause and its holy sites which are offended along day and night by the Zionist occupation authorities.

According to the Palestinian religious figure, the Zionist entity continues encouraging and protecting of the bulk of settlers responsible for the desecration of al-Aqsa Mosque.

""Israel" also provides the cover for extremists Zionists in their racist attacks on monasteries and churches in the Holy City and the rest of the West Bank; as is the case of the recent burning attack of the Latrun monastery's door," he added.
He also stated that the best answer to the advocates of sedition and fragmentation in this world is unity in face of racism and colonialism.
"We shouldn't surrender to some defeatist and so-called callers of freedom of expression," Hanna confirmed and noted that "We will protect our symbols and religious sanctities, which we don't accept to be offended."

Source: al-Intiqad, Translated and Edited by