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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of January in 1996...

Islamic Resistance Performs Forty Operations in January, 1996

The resistance squadrons performed 81 military operations against the occupation forces and their agents in West Beqaa and the South. Forty operations (attacks, ambuscades, and explosives bombings) among those were performed by the Islamic Resistance.

The Zionist enemy acknowledged the death of two Lahd agents only; whereas the Islamic Resistance announced that the death of 3 "Israelis" and a Lahd militiaman, in addition to the injury of 2 "Israelis" and 2 Lahd militiamen.
Significantly, Head of "the Northern Command" Amiram Levin declared, ""Israel" has begun training special units for guerilla wars occurring in geographical conditions similar to the conditions of the southern Lebanese regions.

The drills include night battles and setting ambuscades in cities. As for the units, they will be deployed in the South. They won't be subjected to the instructions which disciplinary militaries are subjected to, nor will their operations be restricted by conventional laws."
Levin's declaration aimed at bringing the overwhelmed soldiers back to their spirits, especially when some of them expressed their conditions on TVs after the Resistance's operation series.

The Resistance as well overwhelmed the Lahd militiamen; whereby the Resistance exposed security nets working for the enemy. Consequently, judicial cases were filed against the senior agents, particularly Agent Provocateur Antoine Lahd, Yusuf Hashem, and Abu Arz.
And as judicial sentences of their execution were made, many Lahd militiamen escaped Lebanon or surrendered to the Islamic Resistance.

Hereupon, the senior Lahd chiefs, particularly Agent Provocateur Antoine Lahd, have become obsessed with surviving the fighters' operations.
Some security sources mentioned that on January 31, 1996, the Zionist intelligence began guarding Antoine Lahd's headquarters and escorting his moves. The occupation forces have built ramparts on the routes leading to his house, too.

Islamic Resistance Ambush Lahd Motorcade, January 16, 1996

On January 16, 1996, the Islamic Resistance ambushed a Lahd motorcade patrolling on Beit Yahoun-Kownine Route. The fighters' rocket shells struck the patrol, burning a half-track and causing casualties to its crewmen.
The Islamic Resistance has shown some operation scenes via TV:
The fighters shot some patrollers; whereas some others escaped from the place.

Actually, most of the operations of this month have been dedicated to the soul of leader and martyr Yahiya Ayyash, the engineer in charge of the self-sacrifice operations of the Islamic-Resistance Movement Hamas in occupied Palestine. Martyr Ayyash was assassinated by the Zionist intelligence.

Resistance Foils Zionist Progress, January 25, 1996

On January 25, the fighters foiled a Zionist force's progress to the region between al-Botm Mountains and Zibqeen; whereby an Islamic-Resistance group lay in ambush, violently clashing with the sneaking force. The fighters wounded several occupation soldiers.



person JB

And I remember. . .

And I remember seeing and hearing the bombs go off in the distance as I sat on the balcony. At the time, I did not know what was happening around me. Years later, I visited the war-torn areas; thank God for the mujahideen and the resistance. They are God's miracle. For some reason, I feel indebt to the resistance. They gave Lebanon so much; they gave Lebanon LIFE. I wish to be brave and pious like them; this is hard struggle.