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Head of Wahab’s Security: “Israeli” Agent

Head of Wahab’s Security: “Israeli” Agent
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The governmental Representative to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr, claimed charges on the arrested Jalal A.D (from the Jahliyeh town) of dealing with the "Israeli" intelligence referring his case to the Premier Military Investigating Judge, Riyad Abu Ghida, for investigation in crimes which maximum punishment might lead to execution.

What distinguishes Jalal from other detainees is that he belongs to the first row of the executive agents. The man was serving as the head of the personal security of the former minister Wiam Wahab, and remained so until his arrest. A.D provided operational services for the enemy's intelligence including the participation (direct or indirect) in at least two assassination operations against resistance fighters.

According to Lebanese security and judicial sources, the resistance security suspected Jalal's deal with "Israeli" intelligence, based on monitoring after doubting his behavior during the visits of the minister Wahab to officials in Hizbullah in the Southern Suburbs of Beirut. After subjecting Jalal to an extensive monitoring, they got information that confirms suspicions.

Meanwhile, after coordination with the Wahab, Jalal was lured to the Southern Suburbs, where he was subjected to a detailed investigation in which he admitted his dealing with the "Israeli" Intelligence. An accurate survey to Jalal's home in the town of Jahliyeh revealed the existence of sophisticated communication devices hidden in the furniture, which the "Israeli" intelligence had provided him with and trained him to use.

It is expected that the investigation may have focused on trying to identify the kind of information the agent handed to the "Israeli" intelligence officials regarding the resistance, as well as Minister Wahab's political ties. Few days ago, the resistance security delivered Jalal to the Lebanese Army Intelligence that repeated the investigation based on the judiciary signal before forwarding his case to the military judiciary.

In one of his television interviews, Wahab has hinted to the case of a Jalal A.D. pointing out that the "Israeli" intelligence planted a close agent in an attempt to gather information regarding the resistance leaders in Lebanon.

According to available information, the detainee admitted his relation with the "Israeli" intelligence since 1994, and that he entered the Palestinian occupied territories more than once where he underwent training at the hands of "Israeli" intelligence men. He admitted that he provided his handlers with maps to a large number of centers and sites belonging to the Lebanese army and the resistance, as well as providing them with the locations and homes of the resistance leaders.

The suspended also admitted the collection of information on the martyr Ali Hussein Saleh, who was assassinated by "Israeli" intelligence in the southern suburbs of Beirut by a bomb in August 2003. Saleh was one of resistance fighters who were working in a special unit of the Lebanese resistance which mission is to support resistance groups in Palestine. Furthermore, there is information indicating a link between Jalal and the assassination of the brothers Jihad and Nidal Majzoub in Sidon, May 2006.

These data indicate that the detainee was in Sidon the night of the crime, and was in contact with his handlers from "Israeli" intelligence. A.D's movement intersected with the movement of each of the agents Mahmoud Rafi, Amin al-Baba and Ghassan al-Jid. The military court has sentenced to death both Rafi and al-Baba after being convicted with dealing with the "Israeli" intelligence and participating in the Majzoub brothers' assassination.

However, Ghassan al-Jid, the retired General in the Lebanese army, fled from Lebanon, after being accused with dealing with the "Israeli" intelligence. Al-Jid is the person that the Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah revealed security data indicating his presence in the scene of PM Rafik Hariri assassination, the day before the crime (February 14, 2005).

al-Jid was tracked by the resistance that handed information about him to the Information Branch of the Directorate of Intelligence in the Lebanese Army, in 2006 and 2010, respectively. However, al-Jid managed to escape after the Commander of the Armed Forces John Kahwajeh had informed the Defense Minister Elias Murr that the Directorate of Intelligence is to arrest al-Jid, the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army.