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Al-Assad: Reform Irreversible

Al-Assad: Reform Irreversible
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Local Editor

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad assured that "If delayed, the reform process is irreversible now", noting that "the country must go through several stages before it reaches the ideal situation".

During a meeting with a delegation of young Syrians, al-Assad stressed on the "need for the development of thinking in the youth category through practical projects undertaken by young people themselves," explaining that "the Syrian situation must not be may not be compared to the ideal case".

In this context, one young woman's told As-Safir Lebanese newspaper that the "meeting focused mainly on the youth and how to support their role via creating frameworks through which they can express themselves, " further noting that "Assad was very transparent and that he showed understanding of all propositions".

The young woman quotes the Syrian President as saying "We shouldn't compare the Syrian case to the ideal situation, no matter what the situation is. And to reach our aim we must pass through a string of stages."

The woman noted that while some criticized the work of the security forces and the way they dealt with the citizens, al- Assad said that "the task of these devices is not mainly dealing with the citizen. The withdrawal of security forces requires the presence of qualified police and this is what we are working on by training about 4000 policemen for similar purposes."

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council began consideration of the draft resolution warning Syria of committing what he called "crimes against humanity."