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Sayyed Nasrallah: We Bow Before Courage and Bravery of Those Protested at Lebanon, Syria Borders on Nakba Day

Sayyed Nasrallah: We Bow Before Courage and Bravery of Those Protested at Lebanon, Syria Borders on Nakba Day
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Local Editor

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah issued a statement on the incidents that took place on May 15, the statement is the following:

"At the beginning, We must bow before the courage, bravery, and faith of all those who protested yesterday at Lebanon's and Syria's borders with the Occupied Palestine, also those inside Palestine, who faced the tyranny and despotism of the enemy with bear chests and heads held high. And so, tens were martyred and hundreds injured, and with their chaste blood they cried loud so that the entire world would hear their decisive stance that was never weakened neither by massacres nor by the passing of years, the very few supporters or the massiveness of conspirators.

You, the honorable, have turned the Nakba day into another day, and given a new meanings. You proved to the foe and friend that holding onto your right is nonnegotiable, unforgettable, and cannot be lost. You proved that your return to your homes, fields, land, and sanctities is a right, a goal, an aim, a hope, and a conviction for which you gave your blood, selves, and great sacrifices.
You message to the friend is that you do not accept a homeland other than Palestine, and so let no one fear naturalization because your firm decision is to return. Your loud and clear message to the enemy is that you are determined to liberate the land no matter what the sacrifices are; and the fate of this entity (enemy) is demise and that no initiatives, treaties or borders will protect it. Your return to Palestine is a definite right, and its realization has become closer than any other time.

We are with you, and by your side. We are happy for your happiness and sad for your sadness, we carry with you the same hopes and pains, and move on together in the path of resistance so that we continue our victories and liberate all our land and sanctities.
Along your side, we will return the honest pulse of the Ummah (nation) and refresh its memory, and put it before its central cause and historical responsibility so that it would it would return to the real front and the decisive battle.

To your martyrs, we pray for mercy and high ranks, and your dear and honorable families, we congratulate and console at once, and to your resistant, struggling, patient people we pray for near victory God Willing."


person Maga

Long live the olive trees...

Light cool breeze of patience with the smell of great compassion Walking on the old road where the ground is shining like the sun We hope to breathe air from the Holy Land, smell and touch the soil As the heart of the child with a shout of joy in the mountains of power To live closest to happiness that characterizes the protection from fires In the distance, this is hidden from the eyes to hear the voice of reason Hear a song that blessed voice you do not want to hide your heart to see

person Marwah

Labayka Nasrullah

Very well said, only out of the mouth of a great leader of his time. Labbayka Ya Nasrullah, From Australia