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New Martyrs’ Relics Preservation Center: Organized Strategy to Establish Information Bank on the Martyrs’ Resumés

New Martyrs’ Relics Preservation Center: Organized Strategy to Establish Information Bank on the Martyrs’ Resumés
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Nour Rida

It is the benevolent martyrs who gave generously to protect the land and the people, and left us memories we cannot forget or ignore. Paying tribute to the fleet of the honored Islamic New Martyrs’ Relics Preservation Center: Organized Strategy to Establish Information Bank on the Martyrs’ Resumés Resistance martyrs, and lest we forget...the "Revival of Resistant Heritage Association" inaugurated the new Martyrs' Relics Preservation Center in The Beirut Southern Suburb in Madi square.
It is a center entitled to gathering the resumés and different relics of the martyrs. Not only that but it also entitled to become a specialized center that gathers the verbal and written history and heritage of the great martyrs, not to mention it aims at establishing an organized and documented information bank based on the latest developed techniques.

In an interview with Al Intiqad website, Head of the center Sheikh Moussa Daher explained that the very beginning of the center was in 2002, and took its formal shape in 2004.
"The work mechanism is based on gathering the resumés of the blessed martyrs through conducting interviews with the families, relatives, and friends of the martyrs," Sheikh Daher said, further explaining "the relics might be written, artifacts (military suits, equipment), audio, visual, or in the form of narrated stories."

In this context, Sheikh Daher pointed out the diversity among the martyrs, especially that many of them wrote dairies, poetry, lamentations, or even some art works.
Two years ago, Sheikh Daher had told us that the old center's characteristics impeded its work. With the new well-equipped and spacious center enough to hold within it a full team as well as field representatives, the project saw light.

One outstanding point, Sheih Daher underscored was that the idea of gathering and collecting the heritage and relics of the martyrs was the sum of individual efforts, which developed to later come together and establish the Association. He further noted that Hizbullah has been demonstrating this heritage through a group of activities particularly during the recent few years.

According to Sheikh Daher, the center's work, under the supervision of Hizbullah Media Activities Unit, is summarized in four major goals:

1- Historical goal based on gathering all verbal information related to the martyrs, then document it, just like the case is in other countries that witnessed resistance movements.
2- Informatory goal, sheds light on these relics scientifically and artistically, whether this relic was a document, a book, a story, a cinematic film accordingly with conditions and requirements.
3- Mobiliztional goal, aims at awakening the people and societies, particularly that of the resistance, and attract other far societies.
4- Cultural goal, contributes in transmitting the culture of martyrdom and martyr to those following this path.

Concerning the projects, Sheikh Daher clarified that the center has already published two books entitled "Short words" on words of Sayyed Abbas Moussaiw and Sheikh Ragheb Harb, (leaders of martyrs and resistance fighters) while an inclusive encyclopedia is being printed, which includes the speeches of Sayyed Moussawi and Sheikh Harb. The speeches published, according to Sheikh Daher, focus on the "major political and cultural issues".

"The center also looks forward to publish an official document on the Islamic Resistance martyrs, which reflects to the coming generations, the reality of the phase the hero martyrs lived," Sheikh Daher explained, adding that "among other projects, the center is collecting live testimonies on the martyr Um Yasser, Sayyed Abbas and Sheikh Ragheb, producing 4 documentaries and a film on the biography of a prominent martyr which will be disclosed in two years time. This also while the center's website will be witnessing developments and enhancements."

Sheikh Daher also detailed how currently, the center works on organizing tremendous numbers of information collected on the martyrs. In this context, he said that the center succeeded in gathering more than 8000 actual relics and 10000 written relics. But the main strategy including all the aforementioned information, Sheikh Daher said, remains to be the establishment of an information bank, of international criteria on the preservation and retrieval of information.

New Martyrs’ Relics Preservation Center: Organized Strategy to Establish Information Bank on the Martyrs’ Resumés

New Martyrs’ Relics Preservation Center: Organized Strategy to Establish Information Bank on the Martyrs’ Resumés


person Sam Dunlap

Always Remember

Brothers, In America many believe what they are told. We do not question the source of our information as well as we should. Americans tend to hide from the truth when a concept such as martyrdom is put before them. The men and women who have become martyrs by choice or at the hands of others deserve to be understood by everyone. In America we are told that martyrdom missions are simply "acts of terrorism". We are told that those who carry out these missions are misguided fanatics who simply wish to inflict death and destruction. This is the concept that Americans unfortunately accept as the truth. It is simple reasoning for what many in America cannot grasp. It has led Americans to equate the term martyr with terrorist. It has also led Americans to overlook the martyr as an individual. Granted, this is only my own personal insight as to how I perceive American attitude on this issue. However, for those who seek the truth, especially in America, I would hope that the seekers would see that the path of the martyr is defined by God. The path is chosen by the individual who believes in God. This project in Beirut is no doubt a center of understanding that should be in every country. I will do my best to support you. Sam Dunlap Temecula, California U.S.A.

person Marwah


This is a great project, i wish i could contribute

person JB

Awesome. . .

This is awesome. The establishment of this center allows individuals to research and understand the foundations and development of the resistance. It serves as a institution to educate all about the resistance. I hope centers like these last forever. I am curious, what is the center's website? Will it be in English?