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Al Jazeera Distorts Facts of Syrian Events, Fabricates Fake Eyewitnesses, False Stories

Al Jazeera Distorts Facts of Syrian Events, Fabricates Fake Eyewitnesses, False Stories
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Local Editor

As some biased Medias continue to distort facts and spread incitements, Al Jazeera satellite TV channel fabricated on Friday an eye-witness saying he is a dentist named Mohammad Abdul Rahman.

Abdul Rahman provided false information about clashes that supposedly took place between the security forces and protesters in the Syrian city of Homs.
A few minutes later, the real dentist Mohammad Abdul Rahman called the Syrian Satellite Channel, and strictly condemned the exploitation of his name and status as doctor to provide false information and fabricated stories regarding Homs events.

"I was surprised when one of my friends called me saying that my name was aired on Al Jazeera as an eyewitness.... I didn't call that channel. The broadcast statement is false and is in the framework of the huge media incitement campaign targeting Syria by this channel", the real Mohammad Abdul Rahman added.

That was not the only time Al Jazeera falls into this trap.

Ammar Wahud, most probably an alias of a Syrian citizen, called Al Jazeera satellite channel claiming he was one of the protesters and he has information to tell about the protests in the city of Baniyas.
Al Jazeera believed Ammar would be a perfect catch to add to its collection of "eyewitnesses". When Ammar was on air with the anchor, he started at first thanking Al Jazeera channel for the opportunity he was given to speak, and later talked about the Baniyas demonstrations saying "There are mass protests in Baniyas but they are all in support of President Bashar Assad".

The Syrian "eyewitness" then criticized the satellite channel for its biased coverage of the events in Syria, yet he couldn't continue his comments, for the call was "ended" amidst the anchor's stupor for what just happened.

Al Jazeera continues to fabricate the truth, for when it installed four live cameras covering the events in Syria, it appeared that the videos broadcasted from the Baniyas are of a "zoomed in" damaged resolution, and were shot via a mobile phone camera live through the TV channel's satellite moons.

Furthermore, 5 minutes after Ammar Wahud's live remarks, an alleged protester (claiming to be present at that time among the protesters) in Baniyas went live on Al Jazeera to deny what Ammar has stated. If he really were among protesters, how would the remarks of Ammar reach him so fast? Unless this so-called protester was "recruited" by Al Jazeera TV to fabricate all stories and events that are truly taking place in the Syrian areas.