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BBC Postpones Broadcast of Hizbullah-Accusing Film

BBC Postpones Broadcast of Hizbullah-Accusing Film
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Local Editor

Murder in Beirut, a series produced by ORTV, a British-Saudi production company, has been filmed to demonstrate former Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri's assassination.

The film, which was originally commissioned by Al Arabiyeh Saudi-owned satellite channel, was supposed to be viewed this Saturday on BBC World, yet without further notice, the broadcast has been delayed.

According to Al Akhbar Lebanese newspaper, the film's aim is to "implicate Hizbullah in the crime", at the time where tension in rising in Lebanon in light of an expected Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) indictment accusing Hizbullah of the assassination.

According to the British-based the Guardian, the BBC said that the Saudi-British produced film had not yet complied with its editorial guidelines, leading it to postpone the broadcasting without setting an alternative date.

The Guardian also added that the postponing decision was taken after a "Lebanese newspaper" shed the light on how the film accuses Hizbullah of this assassination.

An STL indictment is expected to be issued in the upcoming months, where diplomatic sources so far reveal that the targeted side would be some of Hizbullah's "rogue elements", despite the fact that Hizbullah had been completely loyal to Lebanon in defending it against the "Israeli" enemy.