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“Israeli” Aerial Violations Continue, Warplanes Flights and Flare Bombs

“Israeli” Aerial Violations Continue, Warplanes Flights and Flare Bombs
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Local Editor

"Israeli" violations of Lebanese airspace, land and water continue in breach of UN resolution 1701 as well as all international laws and regulations.

Lebanese airspace witnessed several aerial violations on Thursday. At dawn, an "Israeli" reconnaissance plane violated the Lebanese airspace of the town of Naqoura, effecting circular flights over the South, Lebanese Army Command-Orientation Directorate- said in a communiqué. The plane then left the Lebanese airspace at 15.25p.m. off the said town, communiqué added.

in addition, at 16.00p.m., an "Israeli" pilotless air vehicle flew over Safad Bateekh area and then went out of sight at 16.40p.m. towards the occupied Palestinian territories, communiqué concluded.

In the same context, the National News Agency reported that "Israeli" warplanes tossed on Thursday evening at 7.10p.m. a number of flare bombs over the sea facing the town of Naqoura.
At 7.30p.m., "Israeli" warplanes flew over Tyre, western sector localities and over the sea facing Tyre, tossing another two new flare bombs.

Moreover, two "Israeli" warplanes violated on Thursday morning at 11.28a.m Lebanese airspace over Aitaroun town, effecting circular flights over the entire Lebanese territories, Lebanese Army Command- Orientation Directorate-said in another communiqué.

The two planes then left at 13.40p.m the Lebanese airspace off the town of Naqoura, communiqué concluded.