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Yadlin: "Israel" Has Total Control over Lebanese Telecommunication Sector

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Local Editor

Former "Israeli" Military Intelligence Chief, Amos Yadlin, announced that his entity has restored a huge number of espionage networks that work for "Israel" in Lebanon.

Yadlin also announced that "Israel" has the total control on the telecommunication sector inside Lebanon on the level of information, higher than expected.

In addition, the "Israeli" enemy recruited more espionage people inside Lebanon, some of who were already dealing with the Zionist entity since the seventies, where with their help, "Israel" was able to conduct many assassinations against what Yadlin called "our enemies" in Lebanon.

Amos Yadlin also described that his entity has achieved "great work" on the intelligence level with what's related to Syria and Lebanon, in addition to Hizbullah.

On a deeper level, former "Israeli" Military Intelligence Chief referred that Lebanon PM Rafiq Hariri's assassination played the most important role in stirring up more than one "Israeli" scheme in Lebanon.

Yadlin also added that Imad Moghniyeh's assassination played the role in evolving a new stage of conflict with Hizbullah, adding that "Israel" should continue on its current path, where it plays all cards on the Lebanese interior.

In this context, the "Israeli" former chief shed the light to the importance of his entity's schemes especially in light of issuing the Special Tribunal for Lebanon's indictment, which he stressed would be accusing Hizbullah of Rafiq Hariri's assassination.

The Zionist military intelligence expert was very honest to reveal that issuing an indictment against Hizbullah, would be a moment his entity has been waiting for, in order to move to the other step in taking over the Syrian front.

The Zionist official showed hope of his entity's accomplishments in destructing the governmental and popular structures of Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen, adding that soon, Lebanon will join the list.