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ISF Scandals Continue: Information Branch Seeks Internet Tapping

ISF Scandals Continue: Information Branch Seeks Internet Tapping
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Local Editor

After the Information Branch guaranteed purchasing all possible cell phone data in Lebanon, and according to Internal Security Forces (ISF) directory, Al Akhbar newspaper revealed that the branch continued its breaching through seeking internet tapping.

According to well informed sources in the communication sector, the information branch asked some major internet companies to cooperate with them, so that the information branch would be able to install tapping devices through which they could monitor all internet movement in the country.

The newspaper was informed that devices the information branch asks the internet companies to install, have the ability to monitor internet communications, especially e-mail services.

Al Akhbar newspaper contacted managers of some of the major internet companied, where some of them confirmed the information branch's request, while others denied.

In the same context, a source in one of the Lebanese major companies referred that the Lebanese Security Firms, usually requests specific information about some suspects, where some requests used to come in without any judicial warrant.

The same source added that almost two year ago, some of these companies, met with executive prosecutor Saeed Mirza, who said that any request should be sealed with a judicial permission.

The source added that security firms would get whatever information they seek, without any delay.

In a further stage, the information branch asked the companies to store in their clients' information so it would be possible to reach easily.

The source clarified that his company refused this request, because it needs higher technical abilities than they could afford. That was before ISF information officers asked the internet company to install tapping devices, which the company also refused.