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The end of the April 1996 Aggression - The Victory of the Islamic Resistance

The end of the April 1996 Aggression - The Victory of the Islamic Resistance
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Day Sixteen of the April 1996 Aggression - April 26

Local Editor

The April aggression reached its sixteenth day with the enemy immersed in defeat... At dawn of Friday, 26 April 1996, the enemy bombed the vicinity of Markaba town using its artillery power, with the early morning hours the shelling, under "Israeli" Air Force cover, reached Jabour Hills, Abu-Rashid, Qatrani Forest and the Litani River.

This was followed by two air raids along the road linking Jibsheet-Harouf and areas along the Litani River... In the meantime the Islamic Resistance bombarded Kiryat Shmona occupation settlement leaving destruction and devastation that shocked the occupier. Later Haaretz quoted senior officers of the so-called northern front that military intelligence erred in its evaluation of Hizbullah's rocket firing capabilities...

The Islamic Resistance response rate increased as the Zionist aggression continued, particularly the resistance Katyusha rocket bursts, which reached a level that the last volley of Katyusha rockets was falling on settlements in the occupied Galilee only minutes before the April understanding was declared, marking the victory of the eighth war- when the "Grapes of Wrath" was undone by the hands of the Mujahideen.